Monday, April 6, 2009

Sixth Grade Grammar Lessons

I am about to show you what a nerd I really am. I thought I’d share a few little grammar tricks with y’all. It’s been awhile since I taught grammar, and I miss it. I know you all think grammar is fascinating business! After this post, I expect my blog stats to shoot through the roof. I’m fully prepared for a barrage of new followers, too. I just know that grammar is going to be that thing that brings fame to Everyday Becky. You lucky, lucky readers.

I’ll begin this little bloggy series with an easy one. (Remember, I taught twelve-year-old kids. My grammar rules are back to the basics.)

I’m on a mission to defend the use of the word “me.” That poor little word gets a bad wrap! : ) I’ve noticed that modern conversationalists espouse the Always Use “I” Rule. It must be “Robert and I” and never, ever, “Billy Bob and me.” Only a hick says me. Correct? Nope!

Actually there are situations when you are SUPPOSED to use “me” and not “I”

Which one is correct?

“Will you please assist Robert and me?”


Robert and I are so grateful for your assistance.”

Both are correct. (And, I must add, very proper)

Here’s how you know which word to use in each situation:

Cover up “Robert and” and read the sentence without it. Would it be proper to say, “Will you please assist I?”

No, it is proper to say, “Will you please assist me?”

Which one is correct?

I am so grateful for your assistance


Me am so grateful for your assistance.

There you go. Piece of cake.

OK…anyone want to know when you are supposed to use “who” and when you are supposed to use “whom”? Stay tuned! There are more THRILLING grammar lessons to come. Unless I can think up a real blog topic before then. And no fair checking my grammar. I'M THE TEACHER!!!! : )


The Nerd,

Oops, I mean



jenifriend said...

you know this is that one thing that i could never figure out. thanks for the interesting information!!

maggie said...

You are just so funny..

Mrs. MK said...

I'm pretty good at this.....though occasionally I (me) slip up! :-)

Mom said...

Nothing drives me more crazy than not putting the "ly" at the end of an adverb: "He did awesome", instead of "He did awesomely", or using good instead of well: "She did good", instead of "She did well". Please add those to your grammar lessons so I can quit yelling at the TV.

Hilty Sprouts said...

Ha ha ha! You make me laugh! Btw, did you know that I actually own the "Everything Grammar Book" and "The Grammar Lady" book. So sad and so very nerdy. I even kept my grammar books from my Freshman English class in college. Oh boy! Too bad I'm too lazy and tired to make much use of them anymore. Most of the time I think I sound like a blithering idiot! I can't seem to finish sentences around my children!

Bethany said...

Too funny! Me actually enjoyed grammar in high school. Me and my mom did it every day! ;) LOL just kidding--I'm actually pretty proficient at grammar most of the time!