Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

Grandma and Grandpa are here! Yippee. We're having so much fun visiting and my kids are getting spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. : )

I've been a little camera happy this weekend. I hope I don't bore you to death with all these photos. : )

Here's Grandma!

Before he leaves tomorrow, I need to snap a picture of my dad so Grandpa gets some airtime on here, too. : )

This morning we drove out to our good friend's farm and then on to an Easter Egg hunt at a park near their home.

Holding them back! I don't know him, but I love the big-eyed expression of the little boy on the right. He was ready to go!

I distracted the kids long enough to get them to pose for me. This is Littlest Princess with her two buddies.

That had to be the fastest egg hunt EVER. It couldn't have lasted longer than 1 1/2 minutes. Fast and furious, but fun!

Here's my sweet sister, Jen. OK...maybe not my REAL sister, but close enough. : )

I even stepped out from behind the camera for once to get a hug from my beautiful mama.

And another one from my Littlest Princess.

Hugs all around. These two girls have been so special to each other for so long. We prayed and prayed for this special friend until she got here from China when she was two years old. They are only a month a part in age and have loved each other for as long as they can remember.

I hope their friendship lasts a lifetime.

This Grandma is TOO much fun!

Did I mention my mama's here??? Hee Hee

Now that's the way to travel!
He used to carry me like that. I'm jealous! : )
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of his face this morning. There has to be one. I'm going back to search for one now.

Ah Ha! A Grandpa sighting! He was just too busy helping his granddaughters have a good time to stand still for the camera. : )

Oh yeah! This guy was there too, but I think he gets a little too much air time during this holiday, so I kept him for last! LOL.

Later this evening, we'll be going to church. I know it is non-traditional to celebrate on Saturday, but my dad has to fly out of town for a business trip on Easter morning. We were so thankful that our church has a Saturday night service planned so he won't miss out on being able to worship. I'll try to get good pictures to share of all the festivities. Especially the pretty dresses my mom sewed for the girls to wear! She retired this year and has so much more time to sew. We are reaping the benefits. I can't wait to show you what she made for Littlest Princess for her birthday. Stay tuned!!! : )


Melody said...

Hope your family has a great time celebrating Easter tonight! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. I am interested in reading your fitness blog as I'm trying to lose 20lbs that I gained back after losing 35lbs through First Place. Ugh!

Bethany said...

What a fun Easter egg hunt! I was planning to go to church tonight as well but came down with the flu...lovely! Enjoy your Easter! :)

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

No wonder I love guys so much. We had a great time too. Karen and Steve and Dave and Rachel came with the kids. Hadn't seen little Ike yet. What a cutie. We had a wonderful service at church and a great dinner at Nana's house. Saturday we had a great day at Granny and Pa's with the Andrews bunch and then went down to Nana's to do a little visiting with the group. Avery ate so much candy and junk that she had a little urping event on nana's white carpet. That thing is 20 years old and finally it has a great big stain right in the middle of it. Oh well, can't keep something forever right. Anyway, wish we could have all been together. I yearn for that and look forward to it one of these days. See ya Beck.

Katy said...

Looks like you all had a blast! I love Spring and Easter! Glad you got to spend it with your parents! Miss ya!