Monday, April 27, 2009

Giggling When You Shouldn't : )

I was visiting a new blogging friend's blog the other day and enjoyed her story about uncontrollable giggles. Isn't it hard to control when the giggles hit you at the wrong time? Reading her story brought back a memory from my childhood when a bad case of the giggles hit.

It was during one of my piano recitals. My dad and brother were dragged there against their will, and I wasn't very prepared for my performance, so I didn't want to be there either. My poor mom had to work so hard to get us dressed up and through the church doors where the recital was held. The three of us were in ornery moods and not feeling particularly obedient. : )

My teacher had a lot of students, so it seemed like an extra long and boring recital. Plus it was hot. Right in the middle of this long, hot, boring recital one of the students started to play a horrible, impressionist piece. I wanted to plug my ears it was so off. I think it was written to sound terrible on purpose, and right in the middle of the song, she got up onto the piano bench, reached inside of that grand piano, and started loudly strumming the piano strings like a guitar.

Dad, Ben, and I sat straight up and stared at each other. Our eyes asked each other the question, "She's not really doing that is she?"

Sitting back down, she calmly went back to her horrible song. The giggling started slowly, but as the recital went on, it got worse. First we were silently shaking, then tears were going down our cheeks, then we were laughing so hard, the three of us had to get up and walk out. My mom was FURIOUS with us! She followed us out a few minutes later and walked right past us and got in the car. She stayed mad all the way home, but we didn't have much compassion because we couldn't stop laughing. I can't even imagine how much we must have embarrassed her.

Just thinking about that day makes me still laugh. Have you ever seen anything like that? Strumming the piano strings? I guess I'm just too closed minded and can't appreciate REAL music when I hear it. : )

What about you? Any "can't help yourself from giggling in the most inappropriate place" stories? I'd love to hear them.


B.D.Riehl said...

Niiice! I love it! I've had so many of these moments and most of them at very inappropriate times...such as the one you already know;) Thanks for sharing!

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Ok. I think I have you beat because this happened to me twice. the first time was at June Rice's motherinlaw's funeral. Aunt karen and I started giggling over something the speaker said and the way he said it. Can't remember why. All I know is that once the giggling started we couldn't stop it and it go worse and worse. We were both well into our twenties but Papa was so embarassed by us he almost put his hand over our mouths which of course made it worse. The second time was at another funeral. Scott's uncle had died and we went to Klamath Falls to his service. An old man got up to sing and it sounded like a joke from some old movie. Emily and I couldn't contain ourselves. The nice thing was that we cry when we laugh and everyone thought we were overcome with grief. I guess some people snort when they cry. It was awful.

Emma said...

yeah, I got ya beat... Mom already explained it. I went to my Dad's Uncle's funeral, and the singing was just too much to handle. And yes, I was laughing so hard I started snorting and crying, and at the end of the funeral, a woman walked up to me and said something to the extent of, "I'm so sorry, you must have really loved him". Sadly, I didn't know him all that well, and I felt terrible, but I really really could not stop giggling. At least I wasn't the only one!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing that funny story. I think I would of had to laugh too. By the way how's your W.O.W tasks coming along. Can't wait to see how you did.

Becky Avella said...

My WOW project is going really well! I'm happy already, but want to do a few more things before I take the "after" pictures.

I need to do this with each room in my house! : )

Mom said...

Just wanted to comment on my WOW project.  I was doing fine and not too concerned, because I knew Tuesday was coming. Every Tuesday is my sewing day. I don't do any housework and just sew all day.  I didn't have that much to finish.  Then the phone rang.  One of the young women in our church needed help on a dress that she was making to be a bridesmaid this Sunday.  She figured she could read and so she could read the directions and make the dress.  Actually she did a great job, but just needed a little help. It did take all afternoon though, so I didn't finish my WOW.  Sorry, but I'm too tired to do it now.  I'll send pictures when I do get finished. (I know, excuses, excuses)  Mom

Mom again said...

Thanks to everyone who was cheering me on, and thanks for the laughs--I needed that.