Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Real Princess

Littlest Princess is only a few weeks away from her sixth birthday. Since Grandma and Grandpa were visiting for Easter, we decided to have an impromptu, early celebration so they could see her open their gift.

And what a gift it was! About a year ago, she and I had a conversation about princesses, and she asked me my favorite. My answer was, "Belle, because she looks like you with beautiful dark hair and brown eyes." Well, that was all it took! From that point on, Belle was her favorite because "she looks like me!"

My mom heard the story and decided Littlest Princess needed a real gown- A BELLE GOWN! So Mom sewed her this dress and turned her into a REAL PRINCESS!

She was sooooo proud and happy.

Watching her walk down the stairs made me gasp and panic a little. It made me think of a time far, far, far in the future. It made me think of Prom. (ugh! My girls are growing up TOO FAST!!!!!)

I hope you enjoy this video of the Ball we had that night:

(P.S. I'm having difficulties getting my laptop to play videos. Would you let me know if you have any trouble being able to watch this or if it is choppy? I'll have to get my IT Department working on that- a.k.a. King Charming)



Shanda said...

Cute video of your girls! I had no trouble at all watching it. She looks beautiful.

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Oh your mom has such a gifI wish I could sew like that. I had no trouble at all watching the video either. happy birthday in a few weeks littlest princess. Your cousin Charlie will be 9 on April 28. Is that not amazing. How time flies.

Emma said...

no problem watching the video. super cute! I'm in agreement with Mom, i wish I could sew that well!

Rachel Beran said...

She really is a beautiful little princess, isn't she?! It's funny because I thought of prom too when I saw the picture of her coming down those stairs. It's amazing how quickly time goes!

Anyway, your mom is a great seamstress. Way to go Becky's mom!

Couldn't watch the video, but I have very, very slow dial up. Hope to get wireless soon. Until then, no videos.

zandyk said...

Sooo Sweet!

Kim said...

How Pretty! Your mom did a wonderful job on that dress. So cute!

Dawnita~ said...

Prom??? I was thinking wedding!

Your mom is the best!!!!

Love it all!!!! Thanks for sharing!


The Jernigan Family said...

She even has the pose down! How cool her very own specially made gown from Grandma! Love you guys

Hilty Sprouts said...

She is such a beauty!