Monday, April 20, 2009

Keeping Grandma Happy

Now that Grandma is home again, she's requesting Prince Charming videos.

Here you go, Mom:

Prince Charming has become....charming lately. : ) He is such a ham and loves to make his big sisters laugh. In this first video, I couldn't completely capture what he was doing, but he kept entertaining us at the dinner table by raising his hand. It looked like he was in class and wanted to ask a question. It cracked the girls up.

(Disclaimer: Please ignore the prunes smeared all over his face. : ) We were right in the middle of dinner)

In this one, Oldest Princess was cuddling with him in the living room while I was doing the dishes. (That's my radio blaring in the background) There wasn't anything particularly special about what they were doing, but I loved seeing how sweet they were together. I recorded it so I could keep that moment to remember. I love how my girls are with their baby brother.

OK Grandma. Hope that makes you happy.



Mom said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I miss you all, but this helps. Love, Mom

Lisa said...

Sweet videos!
Blessings - Lisa

Emma said...

Hey, i have that third day cd lol. Very cute videos. I need to take ones of Avery with the twins!