Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Not The Only One With Dreams Around Here : )

The other day, I walked out into the living room and found this white powder mess everywhere.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

It seems my youngest princess has big dreams of her own. That white stuff was flour from my pantry, but she needed it to chalk up her hands like a real gymnast. She has dreams of being an Olympic gymnast someday.

She's so funny about it. The other day I found out she went to school with her swimsuit on under her dress because it was her "gymnastics outfit." She's even been sleeping in her swimsuit lately.

She has new heroes like Shawn Johnson and tells everyone she meets about her dreams. The scary part is she is trying to teach herself. I cringe every time I hear the words, "Look what I can do, Mommy!"

I can't wait until we can give her real lessons before she kills herself. : )

I love seeing dreams in my kids. The thought that those dreams could possibly not come true hasn't occurred to them yet. In her mind, Youngest Princess is already Shawn Johnson, wearing her Olympic medals and Oldest Princess is a veterinarian rescuing her precious animals. I can't wait to see where God takes them in pursuit of their own dreams, talents, and purpose. I pray He will protect their dreaming hearts and help them to fulfill dreams for His glory.

Speaking of Youngest Princess~

She is such a little helper. Another dream she has is being a mommy when she grows up. She is my full of energy, full of life, skipping or bouncing everywhere she goes, little helper, who is willing to go get me anything I need or to do any chore I ask. (Well, almost any chore as long as it makes her feel grown up. Somehow cleaning her room doesn't make her feel that way unfortunately)

Here she is doing the dishes in an apron my Nana made me when I was a little girl.

It is so much fun for me to see what my kids are interested in. They are so unique. One loves basketball, the other could care less about basketball. One loves baby dolls, the other puppy dogs.

Letting my kids follow their dreams is going to be an exciting ride... especially if that involves flipping and jumping in ways that could endanger their necks! I'll just have to close my eyes tight and pray for their safety when I'm afraid they might get hurt. Just like I'm doing for myself, I'll have to trust God to open doors for them and to lead them to where He wants them, and smile with pride when I hear, "Look what I can do, Mom."


The Jernigan Family said...

Too cute I wonder what prince charming will want to do! Can't wait to see what Sage will do. In all of my efforts, I have tried and tried for her not to be a cheerleader, but it is looking like she might be since she is dancing and cheering all of the time. I wanted her to play volleyball, but I am finding that it is not me who gets to Love ya

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

We keep thinking that Charlie is going to be a hostage negotiator. He can negotiate anything. LOL. The most important thing is that we allow God to lead them to the gift that He has given them for His glory. Love you and your sweet family Beck.

Kim said...

That is so cute and funny she got flour to chalk her hands and wore her bathing suit under her clothes to school. Sounds like they have lots of ambition.

jenifriend said...

this story just brings a smile to my face and resurfaces so many memories, like when i wanted to be a mermaid and practiced my fin swim and hair flip in the pool for hours on end during the summertime...while I'm thankful God led me towards different goals and dreams, He sure did let my imagination have a good time for awhile!! :)

Mom said...

Wow, I had 4 blogs to catch up on. What happened. For months I have been checking everyday, and all of a sudden not only blogs, but PICTURES! Thanks from a grandma who is too far away.