Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Ready for Some More W.O.W.

Sigh....I've been so unproductive lately.

In January, my husband's shift changed, and he's been working different hours. I can't blame him or the hours for my lack of productivity, but for some reason as I've adjusted to the change, my rhythm and routines were thrown off a little and our house has suffered.

This beautiful spring weather has inspired in me a desire to clean something or organize something or make something. There's plenty to do on my to-do list, that's for sure.

Sooooo..... I was thinking......maybe it is time for another Within One Week competition. If you haven't done W.O.W. with me before, you can click here to read all the W.O.W. posts.

What do you think? Anyone have a to-do item they'd like to tackle in one week's time? Here's your chance to have some fun doing it with people who will cheer you on as you go....and there's a tiny prize at the end for one reader....a Starbucks drink on me. : )

I'll kick this off on Wednesday, and will post official rules and guidelines sometime before then. I just wanted to give you a head's up that it's coming.

As you are thinking about what you might choose to do, remember to choose something that is do-able in one week. Stressing yourself out is against the rules and so is spending a bunch of money you don't have to spend. : )

I'm debating between three projects:

- A wall that needs painting thanks to all of your suggestions

- Organizing sewing and scrapbooking supplies

- Organizing Prince Charming's room and clothes. His poor nursery has turned into a storage closet.

So stay tuned for the official W.O.W. kick-off and make sure to invite your blog readers to join in the fun. More people playing equals more fun, and it might even inspire me to up the prize a little. Hint Hint.

By the way~ if you have a product or business that you'd like to donate prizes to this, let me know. It will make the competition more fun and will give you some free advertising. : )


Lelia Chealey said...

I'm in! This sounds great. A friend of mine is coming to stay with us for a weekend and there are certain things I want done around here. I only have 2 weeks until she gets here, so this is perfect!
I'll check back.

Unknown said...

Within One Week, I'd like to give birth to a healthy baby boy!

I think my OB is going to induce on Wednesday!

Emma said...

I'm so glad you're doing this again. I'm goign to have to decide what I want to tackle this week. the list is huge of things I could be doing LOL.

The Jernigan Family said...

I am glad too...I did Sage's room last year, but I am afraid that like your number 3 it has become flooded with clothes that don't fit in differnt boxes (garage sale, good will, and donations) last week I organized her drawers but there are boxes and much every where, so that is going to be my goal again and to clean out the guest bedroom since Katy and family are coming! So I guess I only get till Friday. Love ya

Shiloh said...

I think I might try it this time. I have company coming Memorial Day and have a few projects that I would like to have done before they see our house for the first time. I don't want to leave them until a few days before they get here and stress myself out!!!!!!!!!

Andi Deely said...

Count me in! I have one large project and then a little side project that includes a can of paint! I'm excited about this!!!

Kim said...

I think I'm gonna try it. We are moving in a month and I really need to get on the ball and do things. MY list is long, but I'm not gonna overwhelm myself. I'll try to just get the things on my list done in one week. That will give me a start.
Paint 2 living rooms
Clean out kitchen cabinets
Scrub down 2 bathrooms.