Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Dad! I Finally Met the Infamous Wooden Indian!

Growing up, my dad was full of expressions that will always remain vividly in my childhood memories. Where he picked up some of these gems is still a mystery to me.

I already told you that he thought I was "Slower than a seven-year-itch!"

And when I was disappointed or thought life was unfair?

"Tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry!" was his compassionate response.

There are others, some I'm afraid are unmentionable, and some I'm still trying to figure out what they mean. : )

But a common one I heard, whenever little girl chattiness set in was, "Becky! You would drive a wooden indian nuts!"

Huh? What's a wooden indian?

Well, Dad, now I can say that he and I have been formally introduced!

King Charming and I went out in the country to see a house we thought might be too good of an opportunity to pass up.

(It WASN'T!!!! It was beyond words horrible, and definitely not worth leaving our beloved neighbors for)

While we were trekking through the mini orchard, lo and behold, laying on the ground looking just as exasperated at me as I imagined he would, was a large wooden indian!

I apologized for any agony I might have caused him in the past, and then snapped this photo to share with you and Dad.

He looked like a pretty patient fellow, but there's just so much little girl chattering a carved piece of wood can withstand. : )


Blog Administrator, Karen L. Brahs said...

Too funny!!! But you can't give your Dad any credit for them; it was all Papa! lol He had some real dingers! One that I have been using lately with my grandkids (and an occasional adult now and then!) when they ask me what I think is, "It takes a pretty big bird to weigh a ton!"

Your Dad and I both seemed to store Papa's little quips in our heart and they sure have provided a lot of amusement and fond memories over the years!

But I think the most memorable one was about a year before Dad died. I called him and the first thing I said was, "What's up?" He responded with, "Jesus Christ died and rose again!" Praise God! I'm looking forward to seeing both of them soon!

Becky Avella said...

Me, too, Aunt Karen! I've been missing them both so much lately.

aknaturegirl said...

These are all saying my Grandpa used to say to me! and I was a VERY chatty little girl! LOL! thanks for this very endearing story! :-)

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

This was so cute! I love how you stumbled across him. Bet this pic will bring a smile to your Dad's face!!

Emma said...

Love it Becky lol. I remember Papa saying lots of things, none of those in paticular, but he always had something up his sleeve. Thanks for the laughs!

Bethany said...

That's so cool! I bet he'll love your story :)