Monday, October 5, 2009

OK- We're On for TWO Challenges

Judging from the poll on the sidebar, it looks like this will be a good week for another W.O.W. Challenge. Be on the lookout for something to get done in just one week. We'll cheer you on starting Wednesday. Check in on Wednesday for the W.O.W. kickoff.


Many of you expressed interest in joining me to lose 10 pounds. I'm committing to losing ten pounds before Thanksgiving and am so glad I will have some partners in that endeavor. If you are interested in being a part of "Ten Pound Tuesday" stop by my fitness blog tomorrow for details and the kick off to that challenge. Losing weight is hard work, but I think helping and supporting each other will be great, and maybe we can add a little fun to it, too. See you tomorrow!


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Sally Jo said...

I'll be lucky not to gain 10 by Thanksgiving. I now know my biggest obstacle when it comes to weight: STRESS! I took on a 4 day subbing job and am eating myself to oblivian. Pray for me--I need it. Right now I am dying for trail mix. Last night it was carmel corn. Neither one has been a part of my diet for years. Go fugure? Why do I crave them now? Because I'm stressed out all day and it does something to my brain. 2 days to go and I can get back to normal.