Saturday, October 3, 2009

Being Stretched

Man this has been a week of challenging Becky- a week of eating humble pie and seeing areas I need to grow in.

Example Number One:

On Wednesday, I shared with my Bible Study group how I'm really learning that I don't have to be a slave to food. I told them how inspired I've been by Romans 6, and how we are told we no longer have to be slaves to sin, and that we will be slaves to whatever we allow to Master us. Then guess what I started doing as soon as I got home from Bible Study? EATING. : (

Example Number Two:

Also on Wednesday, I wrote this blog post about how sweet and grateful my little princess is. Then yesterday we had a HORRIBLE day. Littlest Princess got into a lot of trouble with her daddy over her LACK OF GRATITUDE.

Geesh! I should have kept my mouth shut on Wednesday. : )

On a lighter note- I'm loving Nester's 31 Days to a Better Dressed Nest. I got up this morning excited to see what Day 3's assignment was going to be, hoping it wouldn't be as "stretching" for me as the first two days. But, it was even harder.

Yesterday's assignment was to move something to a new location in the house. Doesn't she realize how hard it was for me to figure out where everything belonged in the first place? Never mind that nothing has moved in the last 5 years since we moved in. I'm resistant to change. : )

And today's assignment was to add something living to each room, like a plant or fresh flowers. Ugh. I have the brownest, blackest thumb you've ever seen. Only one plant has ever survived being owned by me and it is hanging on by a thread.

But all this stretching is good for me. I'm learning humility and flexibility. So forget that I said I'm doing so well with eating. Forget that I said my kids are so grateful. The truth is, food is a constant temptation, and my kids have a long way to go in developing grateful hearts. Turns out they are sinners like the rest of us. : )

And while I'm confessing:

Although I never take a picture of it for this blog, my house is often very messy.
And every time it seems I'm sooo creative, you can bet I probably stole the idea from someone else.

OK. Just wanted to keep it real. I'm off to find something to move to a new location in the house and then out to find some low maintenance plants. Pray for their survival. : )

Happy Weekend!



Rachel Beran said...


You are so real and fun. I appreciate that so much! :) The truth is we're all being stretched and that stretching never ends. If we weren't stretching it would mean we were stagnant and stale. So I think I'd rather be stretched and humbled, wouldn't you?!

About the plants...just don't forget about them and they'll be fine. On second thought, maybe some nice, fake ones that look really real would be okay. lol


J said...

Oh this post made me laugh and cringe at the same time....laugh cause I. too, decided to take on the 31 day challenge and when I read today's assignment, I groaned. I purposely do not have living plants in my house cause it's a waste of money to keep buying replacement living plants every month. :o) And cringe cause that humbling that you talked about--I am all too familiar with it. It's hard....but I think it's something we can be grateful for....the sharpening of our character. I appreciate your realness, too!

J said...

I think I might start with pine cones. Those can't be killed, right? Or am I cheating?

B.D.Riehl said...

Keepin' it real is so inspiring. thank you ;) And I have a horrible reputation with plants as well. Here's a tip: aloe plants. Literally haven't watered mine in MONTHS and they are thriving. Good luck!
And I'm with ya on food. I've been pregnant or nursing for the last two years and will be nursing for another year. I am in for a major shock when I'm done. Yeesh. I need to get it together now.

The Jernigan Family said...

Get a am the same way with plants they see me and automatically wilt, people at my office use to make fun of me and instead of my festive Christmas Poinsetta I always got a cactus. As far as the girls, think how bad the cell phone mom has it...don't be so hard on yourself Becky, you are only human, you are so close to your goal, and it will come in slip up isn't going to purge all of your hard work. You deserve it.

Emma said...

Oh my, Becky isn't perfect??? Who'd a thought! lol. Fact is, we are all this way. I love Avery, and brag on her quite a bit, but my oh my can she be naughty! And my house isn't always spottless, and I think99% of the ideas I get are from someone else's blog/website/book. You are one fantastic person, but just knwo that it's not the material things that make you that way, it's your heart! That's all that matters to God. :)

Crystal said...

"What makes humility so desirable is the marvelous thing it does to us; it creates in us a capacity for the closest possible intimacy with God” -Monica Baldwin

There is alot of humility in my life, but in every conviction there is a blessing. Today, after reading about your humility, I am more comfortable in my own- we aren't alone. :)