Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Littlest Princess came downstairs this morning and said, "My dollies need their vaccinations, Mommy."

It is the sign of the times when little girls aren't playing house anymore, but are setting up make-believe vaccination clinics in your living room instead. : )

I believe our family is on the mend. I hope.

Saturday afternoon, we had a super fun fall day at the corn maze, and I thought we had reached the
light at the end of the sick tunnel.

But alas, Sunday morning, Littlest Princess woke up with her own fever, sore throat, and cough. She's home from school and already seems better than yesterday.

Prince Charming is finally better, laughing and smiling again. It is so great to have my boy back.

And of course he's well enough to be pestering assisting his sister with unwanted help at her vaccination clinic.

Ah, the fun of pesky little brothers grabbing your stuff when you are busy with serious make-believe! : )

I'm on the road to recovery, trying to get my strength and energy back, and trying to stay awake.

Oldest Princess started this whole thing, so King Charming is the only one left. He claims he has studly super immunity, so hopefully it will skip him all together, and our family can return to normal.

I'm thanking God that if this was the dreaded swine flu, that we made it through with pretty mild symptoms.

I hope you and yours are staying healthy. If not, feel free to stop
by and Littlest Princess and Prince Charming will be happy to give you a shot. : )

2 comments: said...

how very cute! hope you all are on the mend and back to normal soon!

Emma said...

Glad that everybody made it through the yuckies alright! Hope you guys feel back to normal soon. I found out that I am definitely the new girls basketball coach in Bickleton, so i won't be able to come in Dec.! I'm super bummed, but excited about coaching too. We'llj ust have to make a special trip over some other time!