Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Got Distwacted!

Have you ever noticed that many of the things that really bug you in your kids' behavior are the areas that they are most like YOU!????

Poor Littlest Princess. She is her mama all over again and it drives me NUTS!!!! : )

My mom used to send me to clean my room and find me an hour later engrossed in a novel I found under my bed.

Mrs. Hall, my fourth grade teacher, lovingly called me her little "absent minded professor." I could never go out to recess because I would be stuck inside finishing the art projects everyone else finished long before the bell rang.

I really frustrated my dad. He used to say I was "slower than a seven-year itch."

I've always been slow, deliberate, dreamy, and so easily distracted.

And now I'm paying for it! That little sweetheart of mine will go upstairs for shoes while the rest of us are waiting in the car to go somewhere, and I'll have to come inside and hunt her down because she wandered into the Family Room and started watching cartoons.

Shoes? What shoes?

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I got dis-twacted!"

(Side note: She has made such huge strides in her speech work. The only problem sound left is "r". I know it is a good thing, but I'm going to miss her sweet way of saying things when she gets it all fixed.)

Genetics are amazing! I think God uses her on a daily basis to keep me humble and to remember how easily I get distracted. I'm really working on it.

Oops. I planned on going to bed an hour ago. What am I still doing on the computer? I'll go to bed after I check email and Twitter and ...


Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Not everyone was created to be able to multitask. I just always thought you were fascinated by everything around you and didn't want to rush life. LOL. Nothing wrong with that. I love that in you Becky. I wish I could slow down and enjoy things more sometimes.

I always missed the L for Y as in Lellow that Danny and Brian said. said...

At least you can sympathize with her and patiently work with it as you can relate so well.

I know what you mean about the way kids say things... we have a few made up words that have become real words in our family and I lament the day we loose them and start saying them correctly.

Aunt Karen said...

I can absolutely relate! lol Kieran struggles with his "r's", too. One day he came inside and told me that our friend's dog had an "accident" in the old trailer they were letting them sleep in (long story!). He had gone to get himself an Otter Pop from the overflow fridge inside it, and in his best Forest Gump voice said, "Gwanny, there's a Tweedie tuud in the twailew." I almost lost it! LOL!! Papa couldn't say his r's, either, and Nana likes to relate that as a little boy, he once gave the score to a baseball game. It was "fo to fo"! :o)

Sally Jo said...

Haw Haw Haw. Tell Amy I love her!!I can't believe how perfectly you have described yourself. Mom

Sally Jo said...

This reminds me of Mark's (our principal friend) story about the little boy with the lisp that kept complaing about the older boys that kept using the "th" word. Finally Mark got it out of him what the "th" word was. Of course it was "thit"!