Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Cost Projects

I've got a creativity bug that could be really dangerous to our budget right now, so I've been on the lookout for ways to satisfy my creative yearnings at no cost.

I've wanted to make Littlest Princess a fabric covered bulletin board for awhile so when I spotted an old bulletin board in my friend, Jessica's, trash pile, I begged her for it.

(At least I think she was planning on throwing it away. If not, the begging worked. Ha Ha! Thanks Jess!)

I brought it home and looked through my sewing scraps. I had some batting from a pillow I made awhile ago and leftover fabric to match the "It's Not Perfect, But Who Cares" valance I made. The problem was I didn't have enough fabric to cover the whole thing.

I remembered this Nesting Place blog post, so I ripped up an old sundress that didn't fit the girls anymore and VOILA I suddenly had enough fabric.

Here's proof that I'm cured of perfectionism:

I just put the batting across the bulletin board and hot glued it down in a few places. Then I stretched the fabric across and stapled it in the back with a staple gun.

That's it.

Didn't cost me a thing.

Got to be creative.

Littlest Princess is happy.

Moral of the Story: Check through your friends' trash. You never know what treasures they may be throwing away. Hee Hee.

Just kidding...kind of... : )

I'll tell you about my next freebie decorating project when I finish.

Inspire me with your own freebie projects in the comments section, please. : )

Please remember to pray for Noelle while she is in surgery today.


Sally, forgot her google account password, Mom said...

Yea, Like Lois digging out your old, under-the-bed doll house that I threw away on the sly while you were away at camp. You came home to find your "all of a sudden FAVORITE toy" belonging to your neighbor. Moral: ask first before gathering your neighbor's trash.

The Jernigan Family said...

Cool idea Becky! I've been going nuts with the clutter in my craft room so I got one of my hanging shoe thngs that has layes for the boxes and then labeled and filled diaper wipe boxes with supplies (paper, markers, tools etc) so they weren't spread all over, then hung it in the closet right next to my craft table. I'd like to get one of those layred hanging sweater ones as well for my bigger paper, eventually
Another task I took on is while I am in surgery, Jeramy isn' very good at picking out outfits for Sage so I folded the shirts with the corespoding pants so now all he has to do is grab an outfit and he has all of the pieces he needs. It works out great. So are you all unpacked yet? I was going to ask if you could sew me something, but now I totally forgot, hopefully it will come to you!!

Hilty Sprouts said...

So resourceful and frugal! Good job!

Bethany said...

That's so cute!!!