Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It Isn't Perfect, But Who Cares?

So, I know you are already WAY sick of me talking about Nester at The Nesting Place, but could you bear with me one more time? : )

I just can't believe how much I've been freed from perfectionism lately, and I owe it to Nester's philosophy of decorating: It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful. For some reason, that simple sentence broke through my perfectionistic little mind and is changing my thinking in ways beyond decorating my house. I really feel liberated.

Today, I spent the day with my buddies sewing sundresses for my girls, and guess what? WE DIDN'T USE PATTERNS. We just made them up as we went along. Don't tell my mom, but I used the sewing machine to hem the dresses instead of hemming it by hand. Oh the horror!

No wait a minute...Oh the fun! Oh the creativity!

I have to clean up all of my mess before I can blog about the sewing day today, but that post is coming soon. I figured out how to make the easiest sundress ever! I can't wait to share.

And in my quest to spruce things up a bit around here, I found a valance I started sewing for my girls' bedroom when they were 1 and 2 years old. I was only two steps away from finishing, when I wadded it up in frustration and stuffed it in a cupboard. It wasn't perfect. The seams weren't straight enough. So, I gave up.

Now, years later, I found it. Took 15 minutes to finish it and hung it up. Guess what? It isn't perfect, but it is adorable! The girls love it. Littlest Princess woke up this morning, sat up on her top bunk, and said, "Mommy, you are such a good sewer."

So here is the not at all perfect valance who lived in a cupboard for 5 years instead of hanging up in my girls' room making them happy all because I am a perfectionist who needed be let out of my own cupboard.

Hanging in all its crooked imperfect glory.

This not being perfect thing is getting fun. : )


Maggie P. said...

It is beautiful.....Question for you - does Ben have building blocks or lincoln logs? I am looking for a home for these items that mine have outgrown..let me know.

p.s. i love your wall.


Hilty Sprouts said...

You brave girl you! Hurray! I love that valance, it looks like flower petals.


Emma said...

Good for you Becky! Perfectionism has never been in my vocabulary. In fact, it probably should be a little more LOL, but your'e right, it's so much more fun not to be. And I love the valance!! I can't wait till I have space to have a sewing room, well, just a craft room for all my yarn, a sewing machine, etc, etc. I want to know that sun dress idea too!

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Hurrrrrrrayyyyyyy Becky. good for you. I've had to fight that all my life. Perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be. Only the perfection that we cannot attain. Only the perfection that we will have when we enter God's glorious Heaven. What a Day That Will Be. But for now, God is smiling a big grin at your artwork. He thinks it's great. I do too. Love you becky.

Dawnita said...

YOU are teaching your daughters some valuable tools when it comes to the word perfection!!! You rock girl! I am so excited to see what else you will be sharing with us all! Painting, sewing......

Heather said...

Lovely valance!

Mom said...

You mean all the bribes for you to get "Bs" instead of "As" on your report card didn't liberate you at all. Honestly, this girl worked so hard for those dumb "As" that I offered twice as much money for a B instead of an A, but she never collected. I'm so glad to see that distructive trait starting to lose it's grip on your life. Love you amazing girl, Mom.

Rae said...

I love the valance! It's adorable! Can't wait to see the sundresses!
Love you, friend,

Daiquiri said...

Looks great (and rather perfect in person, if I can say so) :)

Bethany said...

They look great-- and perfect from here! ;) I love the pattern!