Friday, May 8, 2009

4 Ever-N-Ever

Yesterday afternoon, I was digging through boxes in the garage searching for memorabilia to frame for our bedroom. During my search I happened to find MY OLD DIARY.

I thought it would be fun to flip through and read. Fun! Ha! More like mortifying! Oh my goodness! I am so, so, so thankful that I am the only one to read that stupid thing. I was under the delusion that I was a pretty mature kid back then. Instead I discovered I was very, very silly and always in love with someone.

In the back of the diary, there was a name of the boy I was "in love" with at the moment with the words "I love him 4 ever-n-ever." His name was Jon and I laughed as I remembered that I never actually SPOKE to Jon. I just loved him from a distance. Then I must have changed my mind because I crossed it out and wrote "Not any more." Then there was a new name with the exact same promise to love him 4 ever-n-ever and then ANOTHER "not anymore" note until I wrote down the name of the one I must have REALLY planned to love forever! It cracked me up!

I'm just thankful that I found King Charming and found my REAL forever and ever.

So here's a warning- Only unpack that old diary if you have a strong stomach! LOL.


B.D.Riehl said...

Too funny! I just pulled out my stack of diaries last night to help with a project I'm working on. Mine are actually prayer journals. Some of the things I've said to God over the years...whew! I'm suprised the earth hasn't opened up to swallow me whole!
Thank you for the gratitude award by the way. I was shocked to see that! My dad is coming over to help me with links this weekend, so I will post about it soon. I'm not really a total computer dummy, I just cannot get these links to, well, link!
Thank you, though. And you definitely deserve both of those awards you received:)

Daiquiri said...

That's funny :) I actually put my old journals through a shredder a few years ago! Once I was made new, I just didn't feel like dwelling on my past any more. Besides...didn't want evidence lying around for my kids to stumble across! ;)

Katie said...

Hi friend!! Wow, it's been SO long since I've been able to follow anyones blog let alone keep mine some what up to date!! It was hard while we were in Uganda due to the lack of power & Internet. Now I am trying to reconnect with all the beautiful, wonderful, Jesus lovin' adoptive mama's I use to keep up with!! You are one of them!!
Thanks for the fun Facebook award!! I didn't get it or I wasn't able to download it. I am not sure, I'm a little "slow" in the computer side of life!!
Would love to hear more about you and your fam'! Thanks for posting Becky and staying in touch!!
Love and JOY in Jesus,
Katie B. said...

I too thought I was "in love" so many embarrassing to look back on those HS days... so thankful I for the man I am with now forever and ever... I couldn't have found anyone more perfectly suited for me!

Thanks for the award... you are so sweet and I am touched you read my blog. I love yours and am always uplifted and encouraged by your posts.

Kim said...

oh how funny. Thats so cool to go back and read all those funny things as you were younger