Saturday, May 23, 2009

Her BEST Friend

Littlest Princess and I had an opportunity to go shopping just the two of us last week. She needed a swimsuit and summer clothes, so we took off for Target.

We had such a special time together. She has grown up so much this year, and I got to really see that on this trip. For five years, she has been the baby of the family, but she has graciously given up that role and become such a sweet big sister.

No shopping trip would be complete without a Dutch Brothers stop for Mommy's coffee, and Littlest Princess bought her OWN smoothie with her OWN money. She was very proud.

While we were driving, her favorite song, "I Don't Want to Go Through the Motions" by Matthew West, came on the radio. I cranked the radio and we sang together at the top of our lungs. After it was over, she asked, "What does that song mean, Mommy?"

I told her that it is easy to get comfortable being a Christian and doing Christian things like going to church, we can forget to be in love with Jesus, and end up secret Christian, where other people don't even know we believe in Him.

She said, "I do. I love Jesus."

At Target, the swimsuit shopping made me giggle and gave me a glimpse of teenage years to come. She wanted a two piece swimsuit so badly, and I told her as long as it was "ladylike" I'd think about it. So she kept holding up swimming suits for me to see, asking in a loud voice, "Is this one ladylike, Mama?" We got some smiles from old ladies for that one.

Trying clothes on in the dressing room was her favorite part. I usually just grab her sizes and go, so taking the time to try on clothes really made her feel grown up.

All in all, it was such a sweet time with my little girl. But the highlight of the trip for me was the conversation she had with the cashier. Littlest Princess was in a VERY chatty mood and was filling in the cashier on her entire life.

Here was my favorite part of the conversation:

Cashier: So are all these clothes for you?

LP: Some of them are for my sissy, too. She and I are almost like twins.

Cashier: Oh, is she your best friend?

Me: Yeah, they are really good friends. It's nice.

LP: Yeah, but I have another best friend, too.

Cashier: Oh, who's your best friend?

LP: JESUS!!!!!

Cashier: (a little surprised by that answer) Oh. Yeah. Well that's a great friend to have isn't it? He's always there.

LP: (smiling) Yep.

As we walked out of the store, I reminded her of our conversation about the song on the drive to the store. "Remember how we talked about how sometimes we can forget to be in love with Jesus? Not you! You love Jesus and you let everyone know it. I'm so proud of you!"

Then she looked at me confused and said, "But, He IS my best friend." It was kind of a "duh, Mommy" tone of voice. Then she raced me to the car and that was the end of that conversation.

Loving Jesus and letting the whole world know just comes so naturally to her. I want to be more like my little big girl.

Littlest Princess' Favorite Song:

9 comments: said...

Becky, what a sweet, sweet story. How great it is to see your little girl so in love with Jesus that she talks about it without reservation. I am often humbled by my kids and the way they so openly and freely talk about our God, when I tend to shy away from it more among strangers.

Lisa said...

Great testimony! You're doing a great job sowing the seeds of faith in your girls.
Blessings ~ Lisa

Rachel Beran said...

Oh, to be more like little unashamed and real. What a sweet story!

I also like the new pics and layout. :)

B.D.Riehl said...

That is precious! An absolute testimony to her heart and all that her parents are teaching her about her wonderful Lord. Good job, Mommy :)

Erin @ Closing Time said...

What a precious post! I just stopped by for the first time via Life At The Circus' Weekend Thoughts. Have a blessed day!

Mom said...

What a beautiful way to start my Sunday morning. I miss you all so much. I love the new look and pictures on your blog. Love, Mom

Muthering Heights said...

That is absolutely precious!

Kimberly said...

If this makes me smile real big, I just can't even begin to imagine how big the Lord was smiling at that moment!!!

Oh...and I am lovin' that cup of coffee at the top of your page. Of course, my too late cup of coffee is why I am here commenting at midnight. No more late coffee. :)


jenifriend said...

great song and great story! we took my niece to church for the first time on sunday and she was so excited she was running around our house yelling 'i love jesus! i love jesus!' was amazing!!