Friday, May 22, 2009

Coffee Winners

Wow! When I picked the title of this little blog carnival, I never knew how appropriate "Wow" would be.

I cannot believe how much we accomplished in one week's time. Awesome job ladies! : )

I'm so thankful I finished my project before my surgery. Now I'm recuperating and enjoying my pretty living room while I'm laying around in it.

I keep wondering if you all love me while you are doing these projects or if you are secretly cursing me because you are working so hard. Ha Ha.

I know that some of you were not able to accomplish all you wanted to get done in the week, but THAT'S OK!!! You have more done on this project than you did last week, right? Be nice to yourself. And YES your spouses, friends, family, can help!

Are you ready to hear who won the Starbucks card?

Random. org determined that first prize goes to #7, Angie - my beloved sister-in-law, who I know ADORES Starbucks!

Ang, you worked so hard on your office this week. You deserve a coffee break. And I know you'll be excited about who won the second prize. decided second prize should go to #1, who just happens to be Angie's buddy, Kimberly, from Life Together! You two are going to have fun going out to coffee together! I wish I lived close enough to go out with you. (I promise I didn't rig this!)

Rest up and then plan to join us June 17 - 24 for the next Within One Week Challenge. If you haven't played along in the past, I hope you will this time!

Speaking of coffee....I need some right now!


Angie said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited!! When I was working on my project I kept thinking of the coffee that I could win!

Thanks Becky! You are AWESOME!!

Kimberly said...

First let me say, I think this whole WOW thing is great! I haven't participated yet...but I will. Okay...not the June 17th one because we will be out of town...but maybe the one after that. :) Cause I do need to get my rear in gear about some stuff around my house! ;)

Second...your living room looks great! I love all that you did! Way to go!

And lastly, I am praying for a quick and smooth recovery!

Blessings, Becky! Have a restful weekend! You've sure earned it!

aknaturegirl said...

Ya winners! I am definitely going to do June's W.O.W! I'm thinking I will tackle laundry room organization! Thanks so much Becky and I hope your feeling okay! :-)

P.s... I only feel love. no secret hatred! ;-)