Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh No, I've Created a Monster

I'm enjoying this new stage my daughters are in so much. At 6 and 7, they are beginning to enjoy the stuff I like.

Maybe it's the kid in me, but I actually LIKED the Hannah Montana movie. (Huge step up from Barney)

Oldest Princess is reading books I read at that age. Remember Encyclopedia Brown?

And Youngest Princess has a new addiction- Nails. : )

For some girl fun Monday evening, my mom and I took the girls to the mall for a real manicure. At the time, it seemed like a harmless, fun thing to do for only $7 a piece and the girls had so much fun. Especially Youngest Princess.

As the manicurist was doing her nails, Youngest Princess said, "I'm the only first gwad-uh in the WHOLE world who gets to have a medicure."

Ha Ha...think she got manicure and pedicure combined in her mind.

But now, all I hear from her is, "When are you going to give me a pedicure, Mama?" She's asked at least 7 times today alone.

She's in the bath right now with the promise of painted toes when she gets out. Oh my, that one's going to be my little fashionista.

Oldest Princess was mildly impressed with the experience, but I think she'd be happier with the whole thing if I let her paint a dog's toenails rather than her own. : )


Rachel Beran said...

I'm with the oldest princess...painting the dogs toenails sounds like lots of fun. : ) Enjoy your little princesses!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

How cute! My youngest is the princess. She doesn't want me to clip her nails unless I am going to paint them afterwards. Yeah...she's only 3! What am I in for in the future? :)

Katy said...

Soooo funny! I Gracie is a little like both, would love the pedicure/manicure, but wouldn't care if she ruined it to go catch a frog! :)

Sally Jo said...

Are they still painted? I figured it would all be chipped off by now. Mom

Kimberly said...

I LOVE Encyclopedia Brown!!! I was so happy when I found new ones at Barnes & Noble; for a long time they were out of print. said...

I too loved Encyclopedia Brown... how fun to have the girls doing things you enjoy with you. What a sweet stage!!