Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway Time! Meet "Natalie"

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations, Andi!

I'm ready to bribe you all to leave me comments again. : )

It's time for another Zonderkidz giveaway.

  • Do you have beginning readers in your house who are ready to try a chapter book?

  • Any fans of Junie B. Jones?

  • Want to win a set of three books that would be "just right" for these readers?

Let me tell you about the Natalie books.

I have to admit, when I began reading the first book of the series, I thought Hmmm seems a little TOO much like Junie B. and maybe not quite as funny. Not sure if I'm a fan.

By the time I finished, I was a fan. Here's why:

  • My girls loved Natalie as much as Junie B. and laughed their way through the whole book
  • Nat 24 as she calls herself, has a conscience and remorse that Junie seems to be lacking
  • I loved the message of God's forgiveness in the book
  • Perfect reading level for my beginning readers
My girls can't wait to get their hands on the next two books in the series:

Are your kids or grandkids at this reading level?
Do you know kids at church or have friends with kids who would enjoy these books?
Need something to give at the next birthday party?

I can help! : ) I just happen to have copies of the first three books I'd like to give away.

Here's how to win:

Do one of these or all of these, it's up to you.

You can leave a separate comment for each of these. Each comment is a separate entry and another chance to win:
1. Tell me in your comment that you would like to win. Make sure you leave me an email address if you don't have a blog I can find you at.

2. Visit Zonderkidz and tell me what you like.

3. If you are a follower of my blog or become one before I draw the winner on Friday, you can have an extra entry.

4. Spread the news on Twitter or Facebook with a link back to this contest. Let me know you did in a comment.

5. Become one of my followers on Twitter (@EverydayBecky) Or you can do it from the sidebar on my blog.

Told you I was bribing you all! Shameless, I know! Hee Hee

6. Blog about the giveaway and invite your readers to enter.

Any questions? Let me know! Hope you enjoy Nat 24 as much as Oldest and Littlest Princess do!

Sorry, my budget will only allow me to ship to the Continental United States.


Jessica said...

I wanna win! I wanna win! These seem like great books! in fact if i don't win I may buy!

Jessica said...

I could not log in so all my post are name and URL.. but it's me!! :-) So I twittered about the book! Pick me, pick me! :-)

Jessica said...

Ok..i did a post on my blog! I am also a follower of your blog and on twitter.. (you know as i write this out I slightly feel that I am stalking you..hmmm.. LOL :-) So that is like 50 ya!


Andi Deely said...

oh - oh Pick me - Pick me!! I want to win! said...

My girls aren't quite old enough for this but if I won I would def save it away for a year or two...this sounds like a great book for young girls.

Jessica said...

OK Becky..i am no longer cheating myself! Here's another one :-)

Heidi said...

I think the girls would love this book!

Heidi said...

Already a follower.

Mom said...

No comments huh! That was just a trick to make me believe I had a chance this time. Pick me, random winner picker! (Do you remember my google account user name? I know I have the password right. I hate what oldness does to your memory.) Mom

Erin @ Closing Time said...

My older daughter isn't quite ready for chapter books, but it won't be long! Can I still enter? If so, please do! :)

Erin @ Closing Time said...

I follow on Twitter.

Erin @ Closing Time said...

I'm a follower too.

Heidi said...

I liked the Sweetest Story Bible:sweet thoughts and sweet words for little girls. and The Jeseus Storybook Bible: Everything whispers his name.

Angie said...

Even though Sarah isn't quite old enough I am still going to enter. I'm really pushing the dealine though :)

Angie said...

Does it count that I am already a follower?