Saturday, May 17, 2008

Within One Week....How's it Going?

We are in the middle of a fun blog carnival and would love to have you join us! Read all about it here.

You can jump in at any point and just add a week to your starting day. One participant will win a Starbucks drink on me.

Here are the ladies playing along. Stop by and cheer them on! Bloggers NEED comments. Even if you don't know the person, send them some love. : )

1. Me : ) I'm working on my Master Bedroom. (Update below)

2. Alyce: She is working on her office. I'm so excited to see how it turns out, Alyce. I love your green wall paint! Do you remember what color that is?

3. Angie: Poor Angie! She has the hardest job of all of us.....MOVING! Yuck! Make sure you cheer her on.

4. Kimberly: Kimberly is working on an office space, too. She is a girl after my own heart.....books and scrapbooking. Tough stuff to organize!

5. Mia: Mia has a closet full of baby girl clothes to organize. You should stop by and cheer her on and read about her miracle baby, Sage.

6. My Mom: She is working on her Master Bedroom, too. I guess it is hereditary! : ) Mom doesn't have a blog, so cheer her on from here. Mom, if you want, I can post before and after pictures on my blog for you.

Having other people paying attention and cheering us on has been a great motivator. If you have a project or room you've been putting off, don't miss out!

I was so motivated, my Master Bedroom is already clean and clutter free. I'm going to deep clean the bathroom today and move on to some decorating. It feels so good to have it clean. I crawled into my clean sheets and looked around at the clutter free room last night and sighed a sigh of contentment. : ) I could actually bring my baby home to this bedroom. : )

Even though it is clean now, it still looks slightly like a bachelor pad. (comforter that was bought for a queen bed and not replaced when we upgraded to a King size two years ago, no curtains, TV tray for a nightstand, bare bathroom w/ no throw rugs). I sat down with Pat and asked him if I could use a tiny bit of the Tax Refund we got on Friday to update a little in our Master Bedroom. It is supposed to be used to stimulate the economy, right? : )

He said, "How much do you want?" Oh, King Charming, Oh how I love you!!!!

I don't know if I'll be able to pull off the decorating in one week, too, but I'll try! Stay tuned for the results! It will definitely be "on a budget decorating" but even a little update will be fun. : )

I'll post my results on Wednesday or Thursday with another Mr. Linky and then leave it open for a few days to make sure we give everyone enough time to finish up their WOW results posts. Can't wait to see!



Shannon said...

Hey! I'm glad you stopped by. I can't wait to see your finished bedroom!

Alyce said...

Hey Becky!
Thanks for the compliment on the walls. We enjoy that green color to. It is by Benjamin Moore and the color is called Saybrook Sage. (your cousin my like that because of the name)
I have actually been able to remember all our colors in our home and its been 3 years. No wall in my house is white or off white. There are colors everywhere.
As for my office...its coming along very slowly. I have to have help from my husband, because we both use that room. So we are resting today and then tonight we are going to get in there and work. Then I have all day tomorrow and I hope I get a lot done.
Thanks for the encouragement. I can't wait to see your bedroom. Do you have a BIG LOTs? You might can find some inexpensive decorating items there. Of course, Target is just wonderful!!

Angie said...

Good job Becky...I'm so excited to see pictures!

My update....we are making progress!! My kitchen is done (except for a few "need to have" things), the boys room is done, living room and family room are pretty much done. I still have cloths to do but I'm kind-of waiting on those since I still have a week.

I will try to do an update and maybe pictures on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks for the motivation!! It really helps.

Alyce said...

Hey Becky,
I just finished my office!! WHEWWWW..I'm beat! I spent, along with my husband's help, 3 1/2 hours in there tonight! But..its done! I am so excited. Thanks for getting me motivated.
I will post pictures by Wednesday if not before! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you can't write the "tone" of Pat's "How much do you want?" Was it "HOW much do you want (now)" or "How much do you WANT?" It's hard to tell. I guess it all comes down to one great Prince Charming. I changed my project. I found out that I get Ben and Angie this weekend, so my bedroom can wait. I'm working on the downstairs instead. Bedrooms are great though, because the seem to last longer. They're a place where the kids don't frequent.