Thursday, May 15, 2008

A New Carnival! Do You Have a Room That's Driving You Bonkers?

I had so much fun doing the book recommendation carnival in March I've been itching to do another carnival. Your recommendations were so awesome! I've got a wonderful summer reading list put together now. I love it! My mom just ordered the fantasy novels that Kimberly recommended. I'll have to borrow them when she's done. I plan on reading each one of the books you all recommended. : )

For the next carnival, I've been inspired by my new organization book, and Lysa TerKeurst's recent blog posts about her bedroom make-over using Wal-Mart purchases (See them here and here ). I am inspired to tackle the area of my house that really and truly has been driving me crazy: The Master Bedroom and Bathroom.

Because I know Pat and I are the only ones seeing that room, our bedroom became a catch-all. It is so easy to close the door and hide any mess. The rest of the house can look good for guests because all the clutter is hidden in our room.

Although it has been driving me bonkers for awhile, I keep putting it off because it seems like a low priority compared to the rest of the house. After seeing Lysa's bedroom transformation, I don't want to put it off any longer. I really want to make our room a clean, nice, cozy place for King Charming and me.

What about you? Is there a house project or a room that you've been putting off, but would love to see organized? If you were really honest with yourself, is there a room that is driving you bonkers? If you don't have a room to work on, do you have a project? Recipe cards a mess? Scrapbooks you haven't touched in ages? A sewing project you wish you would start or finish? Only you know that one place or project that would make you overjoyed to have done.

Here's how our carnival will work this time. Let's be cheerleaders for each other to tackle the room or project we keep putting off and then we can report back how we did. Next Wednesday, we'll check back in with each other for a W.O.W. Report (Within One Week).

Here are the guidelines:

1. Write a post about the room or project you want to work on this week. You can include before pictures if you are brave, but you don't have to!

2. Come up with a few goals that are reasonable to accomplish within one week.

3. Add your name to the Mr. Linky below. In parenthesis next to your name, put the name of the project or room you are posting about. e.g. Becky (Master Bedroom). Then copy and past the link to the INDIVIDUAL POST about this carnival, not your blog's front page, into the URL line. You can email me at if you need help knowing how to do this. * Please remember this step *

4. Go visit the other bloggers who post and offer advice and words of encouragement! We will cheer each other on throughout the week. If you want to do update posts about how it's going, just come back here and add another link. Invite your readers to join in the fun. Feel free to use my Within One Week button at the top of the page by copying and pasting it into your post.

5. On Wednesday, I'll do a blog post titled W.O.W Carnival Results about how I did on my project, and I'll put a new Mr. Linky at the bottom for you to post a link to your own results.

6. As always, you can still participate even if you don't have a blog! Just leave a comment telling us about your project and will cheer you on from the comments section of this post.

7. Check back often for updates and to cheer on the non-bloggers in the comments section.

This is going to be fun! For added inspiration, I'll draw a random winner from the participants next Wednesday to get a $5 Starbucks card so you can have a mocha on me to celebrate all your hard work. Won't this be fun!

I can't wait to see what we get done!


Alyce said...

Hey Becky..I want to participate, but I want to include pictures. How do I do that? Do I have to take pics in a different format so they aren't so big?
My home office is crazy. I wished I had a pic before I actually cleaned up the kids' desk area..but that is in the attic now.
Help me out please..

Angie said...

Well I wish that I had some hint for you. The master bed and bath are my big challanges also. I will be checking back lots to see if you get anything that I can use too.

Come see me....I did it!! And tell me what you think of my signature.

Anonymous said...

Finally something I can do. I can clean! In fact I love to clean! The problem is it kills me to see it become unclean. So, I do stupid things like when you kids were little, I'd clean the house by 10:00 in the morning and then leave it until I could put you to bed at night so it wouldn't get messed up. Or, I'd make everyone stay outside all day.
I want my project to be to make my whole house like my junk drawer (which is all organized with everything in a little compartment). But, if I did that what would I do with your dad?
So, maybe I'll start small and just begin with our bedroom. Let's see what I can do in one week. Love, Mom

The Jernigan Family said...

Go Becky Go...good for you! Our Master seems to be the catch all too. What I do when I feel the need to clean it is to throw all of the stuff into the hallway...that way I have to walk by it and deal with it because it is out in the open where people can see it...and the more I trip over it, the more it motivates me to get it where it should go.

I am working on Sage's room this week, because that is becoming a catch all also, so I am trying to organize her closet...

Good luck to ya!! Love you

Jamie said...

Well, I've been doing numerous things since we're also moving. Our house will be much smaller (in my head anyway) and so I'm really eliminating. I decluttered our Master Bedroom of numerous picture frames and other things and I love how it is now. Just simple. I don't know how I accumulate so much junk! And then hold on to it forever. Can't wait to see pics!