Saturday, May 24, 2008

So What Are We Actually Doing?

I woke up this morning worried that last night's post was a little negative. I hope I wasn't misunderstood. It is just hard to restart a journey you already know is a hard one from past experience. There is a lot of joy in taking these steps and in the thought of whoever our son is. In fact, this morning I woke up daydreaming about both our little boys......Monster Truck and Whombie (you old time blog readers of mine remember.....Whomever He May Be?) : )

So here is what we are doing:

1. Thanks to my friend Angela's phone call this morning, I realized our fingerprints for immigration actually expire in 8 days from now, instead of the two months I thought. So next week, we will be going into INS and updating our fingerprints.

2. We are waiting until after Monster Truck is born to get our new referral.

3. Then we enjoy our little Monster Truck and wait patiently for Whombie to join us. : )

Also, we do plan to continue working with Acres of Hope. I mentioned some of the controversy that happened this winter regarding our agency. I left a comment on last night's post, but thought I'd post it here to make sure you all see where we are at with that. I love people on both sides of the controversy, and have remained a "Switzerland" through all of this, but the call for us is very specific. This was my comment:

After much prayer, we are convinced that our son, whoever he is, is at now or will be in, the Acres of Hope orphanage. Like I said in the post, there have been problems that we are not naive too, but I believe those problems are being addressed. It's weird....this call to adopt for us has been very specific from the beginning and still is....we are supposed to adopt from Liberia and we are supposed to do it through Acres of Hope. We just have to keep trusting that we are where God wants us to be with this.



Heather said...

We also hope to adopt one day! I was adopted and so it is close to my heart. I hope God will open the door and provide the financial piece for us as only he can.

Are you still making the nursing covers? Do you have any pictures of fabric choices?

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

You have a good heart and God will honor that when the time is right. It is a wonderful thing to be able to take an orphan and provide them with a loving home. With so many homeless children around the world, adoption is such a beautiful thing. Remember, it's not even about you, it's all about little Whombie! :)