Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Within One Week I Will....

Ready to dig in again? : )

It's time for you to tell us all what goal you'd like to accomplish this week. Not sure what you want to work on this week? Click here for ideas.

It was hard for me to choose....I have so many things I 'd like to see done around the house. I also have writing goals and exercise goals, too. I wasn't sure which one I wanted to be my focus for the week.

I was hesitant to pick another house project because I want you all to feel good about choosing any goal for the week, not just house cleaning, but I knew that with the baby coming, getting the house in order is what will make me feel the best.

Here's a video explaining my Within One Week goal:

What about you? What would you like to get done Within One Week?

Here's How to Play Along:
Feel free to copy and paste the W.O.W. button at the top of this page for your own blog post.

1. Write a blog post describing your goal for the week. Feel free to copy and paste the W.O.W. button at the top of this page for your own blog post.

2. See the Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post? Type your name and project/goal on the line that says, "Your name:________" (e.g. Becky (Baby's Room)

3. Where it says "Your URL:___________" you will type in the address to your blog post about this W.O.W. Carnival.

(If you are using Blogger you can link directly to your post by clicking on the title of your post after you publish. This will open a page that only has that post on it. Copy the address that shows up at the top of your screen and paste it into Mr. Linky. It's really easy and this way, people will go directly to your post and not have to search your blog for it. )

4. After you have put your name in Mr. Linky, visit the other players and cheer them on throughout the week.

5. Next week, come back here and look for the W.O.W. Update post and tell us how you did.

6. I think we need a Starbucks prize again this week. I'll choose a random participant next week and reward them with a $5 Starbucks card so they can get a mocha on me to celebrate all of their hard work.

7. You do not need to be a blogger to play along. Just tell us about your goal in the comments section. We'll cheer you on from here. : )

You'll feel so good next week when you reach your goal! : )



Anonymous said...

Ok--my goal this week is to lose weight! Nothing new :) I need to lose 10, but I'm starting with 1.5 as my goal for this week. I plan to do two major things 1. Write down everything (you bite it, you write it) and drink my 6 glasses of water every day. Also night eating is out!!!!!!!!! I need more than cheering on--so please pray for me. Mom

Alyce said...

Hey Becky..
Thanks for the compliment on my home. I won't show the picture of the sky high pile of laundry that needs folding! That is going to have to wait for the 3 hours of LOST tonight.
I am going to have to pass on the WOW this time I think. I do still need to do the girls library..but.. We have a meeting this afternoon, tomorrow is nice, so I'll probably stay outside. Tomorrow night is dance recital rehearsal..saturday is the rehearsal..The next week I MIGHT can get in there to work..we'll see! I'll let you know how I come along.
Have fun..I didn't watch your video..I'll catch up soon..

Emma said...

I need to do this every week!! I haven't decided what I want to do yet. There is a whole lot to tackle!

Angie said...

Ok here we go again!! Hopefully I will get it all done.

I can't wait to see Monster Trucks new room!!

Katy said...

woops, I added myself twice. Sorry! I guess I am going to give this a shot. It's something I need to do anyway, and I figure that since you are giving away a starbucks card, that's a little motivation! Our garage is a mess. Hopefully after the car parts are out, I can get it swept up and have room for three cars again!