Wednesday, May 21, 2008

W.O.W. Results! How Did You Do?

So how did it go? My master bedroom is all clean! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Knowing that I'd be telling you all about my progress was so motivating! I'm so glad we did this. Crawling into bed with a peaceful feeling instead of thinking, "Ugh...this room is such a mess" has been wonderful.

I worked hard all week. Here are some pictures of typical piles. I actually thought to take pictures after I'd been working for awhile, so these are "neater than it really was" piles, but you get the idea. I wasn't about to photograph the dirty clothes pile. You'll have to use your imagination for that:



You'll recall from my midweek update that although clean, our bedroom still felt like a bachelor pad.

Observe: No headboard, TV tray for my nightstand and a cabinet that was left over from King Charming's bachelor days for his nightstand, comforter that is too small for our bed, etc. etc.

The Master Bathroom got a thorough scrub down, too. Ahhhhh.....clean, clean. It feels so good. But it looks a little bare and boring, too, don't you think?

As I mentioned in that midweek update post, I'm on a mission to spruce up our room and bathroom. Wanting to be all done so I could have a big reveal for this post, I have been slightly obsessed. I had to find deals in order to do as much as I could for my budget. I've been shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping, and shopping some more. Today, my girls were subjected to two solid hours in Wal-Mart while Mommy said, "This picture frame or this one?"

But alas, I couldn't pull it off in time. You'll have to stay patient for the "after decorating" pictures, and I'll have to be patient and remember to celebrate all that really did get done "Within One Week." Thank you so much for the cheerleading and encouragement. I love my bloggy friends. : )

The Mr. Linky is all set up below so we can see how you all did! I hope this carnival made the work more fun. It sure helped me. I'm already thinking, "OK, what can I get done this coming week?" This Within One Week thing might have to be a weekly thing for me......just on a smaller scale, and it must be a goal that does not require spending money or dragging my kids through store after store. Maybe cleaning out my car?

When you post on Mr. Linky, remember to link to your actual W.O.W. Results post, not the front page of your blog. I'll use a random integer generator online to see who gets a mocha on me from Starbucks. I'll announce the winner on Friday. Thanks to all of you good sports!



Anonymous said...

Looks nice and clean! Can't wait to see what you found to spruce it up! :) I've been working on our master bedroom space too. Started cleaning out the closet last night at 10:30.. a few boxes to move, and some clothes to shift around, but I've got a plan!
See you soon,

The Jernigan Family said...

Nice work. Our bedroom ironically is in the color Sage because it goes with EVERYTHING!! How did your mom do? Jeramy says I should do this every week as the rest of our house looks like a

Angie said...

Look great Becky!! I will post an update soon....can't quite seem to fine the time to do it. I will though...I promise!!

Alyce said...

Great Job Becky...can't wait to see the decorated results. Go to Target..wonderful stuff for decorating!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Hello Becky,
I saw your post on Lysa T.'s site and decided to come over to visit. I am a mom of 6, 1 is adopted from Russia. I am excited to hear you are expecting another child! May God grant you a healthy baby. I wish I had come by a week ago so I could have joined in the cleaning fest! I have a few area's that could be worked on. Hope to visit again soon. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this big makeover. The shopping, shopping, shopping sounds like "Extreme Makeover Home Edition." It's a tough job--but someone has to do it! I'll work on mine this summer--and then I'll send some real before and after pictures--dirty clothes piles and all.