Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother Daughter Tea

Mother Daughter Tea at Church on Saturday

Now you've seen my puffy prego face. This is why I avoid cameras for nine months. : )

Our Friends Around the Table

Angela and Amanda

Olivia and Jessie

Donna and Shannon (Our sweet hostess)

We were all happy to have Grandma with us for Mother's Day this year. The tea was beautiful, but slight torture for two little girls. We got there half an hour early to get a table. The tables were full of delicious looking treats (scones, lemon bars, huge chocolate covered strawberries, and tea sandwiches, etc) The girls waited and waited to be served so they could taste all of that heavenly looking stuff. Then the tea party started and we had singing and worship first. They ended up staring at sweets for over an hour before they finally were served. Then the tea sandwiches were served first, so they had to wait even longer for the chocolate. All in all they did very well at their first tea party, though I'm not sure Amy was too impressed with the sitting still for so long.
After the tea, King Charming sent Mom and I out for a day of fun and told us not to come home until we were done. We shopped, got a pedicure, and had our make-up done at Dillards. We went out to dinner and would have gone to a movie, but I was too pooped. It was a great day! It was a wonderful weekend!
I wish we lived closer to my mom and dad. I'm thankful that we see each other so often despite the distance, but for some reason it has never worked out for us to be together on Mother's Day. Mom and Dad are teachers and I was teaching pre-kids, so Mother's Day always came at a tough time to get away.
Hopefully, Mom and Dad will retire soon and we can spend every Mom's Day together. (Hint Hint)
What a great weekend! I'm so blessed.


Katy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Glad you got to spend it with your Mom! Very cute piture of all of you too! You look great by the way!

Crystal said...

Happy Mother's Day!! The tea looks so fun : ) God Bless you and baby #3.

Anonymous said...

Hey, since I'm going world wide, can't you post the picture of me where I'm holding in my stomach--the one that doesn't look like I'm pregnant? hehe Love, Mom