Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boo Hoo- Boo Hoo- Boo Hoo!!

I'm lost!

This morning, as I was going to open the blinds in the living room, I tripped over the cord of my laptop and knocked it to the ground. The fall broke the cord where it inserts into the laptop.

I didn't realize how dependent on my laptop I am. EVERYTHING is on there. I don't even remember how to use a phone book anymore.....I just Google the number I need. Basically, my brain is on that thing and I can't turn it on! : )

Thankfully, I can still blog. Life hasn't ended completely. : )

I'm upstairs on the old desktop we set up for the girls to play games on. I'm perched on a chair designed for a three-year-old. I'm hoping it will hold my weight long enough to post and check my email. Ugh! Glad you can't see me. : )

Hopefully, replacing the cord will happen quickly, and I can reconnect with my brain. I'm hoping our IT department (a.k.a. King Charming) can help me figure out how to fix what needs fixing.


Emma said...

Oh I can see you Becky, in my head I can see you, and I am laughing. I hope you get it fixed fast, because that chair sounds really uncomfortable lol.

The Jernigan Family said...

Hope you are OK after the fall. So hopefully this won't end up the same for you as it did for me, but while I was in the hospital before I had her my cord craped out on me, so my dad went to go buy a new one and they wanted $150 so instead he bought me a new laptop to "show them". Not sure how exactly but he thinks he stuck it to them...but hey I made luck

Angie said...

I can totally relate with you Beck, something is also wrong with my laptop. Problem is, my IT dept. doesn't really know what's wrong and he should really know.
I got it started up the other day and I am NOT turning it off unless I have to. I found out very quickly how dependant I am of mine also.

Angie said...

Maybe we should tell Ned to help us "show them" too.


Alyce said...

Oh my..Are you OK??
I'd be lost too!! Fortunately we have a desk top in the office. I depend on my pc wayyyy to much too!

Basics of Life said...

Hello Becky , sounds like all is well with the exception of the laptop. Love your page. Have a great day Randi

Felicia said...

I, too, don't do well without my computer. It works some days and doesn't work others. I have been saving all my stuff on CD-ROMS so that when it does die I will not have lost my brain.

PS I got my nursing cover and love it!! As soon as I can get a picture of it I will post it on my blog. I love your design. The best to your venture.

Jamie said...

Oh no! I'm lost without internet and computers too!!!

Real Life Sarah said...

Oh, No! At least you have an old desk top! The magnetic cord on our Macbook has saved us many times from this very disaster.