Friday, February 27, 2009

Rag Curls

My youngest princess had a music program for school today, so last night we decided to do her hair up in rag curls.

She was so proud! Here she is all ready for bed the night before her big debut:

I had never done this before and didn't know what to expect when I took them out this morning. As I pulled out the ties, POOF, her hair turned into poodle hair. She was running around saying, "I have boing-boing curls." (I read the girls Ramona Quimby books this summer)

I wasn't sure what to do with all of this tight, tight curls, so I just pulled the sides back. She loved it so that's what's matters.

I'll probably roll them in bigger sections next time so they don't end up so kinky. : )

Here she is on stage. She was so excited to do Hansel and Gretel today. I was a proud mama as usual.

If you want to try rag curls yourself~ I cut an old t-shirt into 8 inch long strips about an inch wide, rolled wet/moussed hair onto the strip, then tied the ends into a bow. They're soft and easy to sleep on, but WATCH OUT! You'll end up with TIGHT, boing-boing curls. : )


Anonymous said...

Hmm, neat idea! I always wondered how women slept on those hard plastic curlers--this technique makes more sense. I might try it for Gabrielle... I wonder if her hair's too long for that...

Jamie said...

SO cute! I haven't been checking blogs for quite some time now.

I am not an animal person either, but we got a puppy like a month ago and she has been such a delight! She's a Maltese so she'll be little. She doesn't shed. Just my type of dog! I have a baby too and was wondering how I'd manage but my 3 older children are a huge help! We've had a couple of dogs in the past that never worked out but I'm really thinking she will. Oh, our other dogs were males and we just haven't had 'luck' with male dogs. Maybe you've already made your decision but I wanted to let you know our experience.

Anonymous said...

How cute. I wish I didn't have to miss all those little music programs. You can be proud for both of us. Love, Mom

The Jernigan Family said...

What amazing boing boing curls! You are so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

OK Becky, let's try it on us. I dare you. You first. Mom

Anonymous said...

you know what also works great if these hurt your head to sleep on (like moi)? take 1 inch strips of tin foil and roll them in dry hair with some styling spray on them before rolling. Run a hair dryer on them for about 10-20 minutes and voila...curls!!

she's adorable and i'm happy to see her involved in theatre...this artsy fartsy girl loves hansel and gretal!!