Sunday, February 8, 2009

My New Mug

Here is the newest addition to my coffee mug collection:

It traveled all the way here from Starbucks Romania. Our good friends, Brian and Cynthia are missionaries in Romania and also share our love for caffeine. They were back in the states for a visit and brought us this gift. I love my new mug and use it every morning. I think it was meant to be a gift to both King Charming and me, but I've staked a claim on it and haven't let him use it yet. (blush)

Can you believe Starbucks has reached so far? My sister-in-law is a Starbucks mug junkie. Admit it Angie, you're jealous! Hee Hee.

We had such a great visit with Brian and Cynthia. We've always known they would go into the ministry someday. Then one day four years ago they said, "We're moving to Romania, and by the way we're leaving in a few months." Then they were gone.

I was in awe of a family that was so lightly tied to their lives here and so obedient, that they could just pack up and leave it all behind within a few months to follow a higher calling. They had two kids when they left, have had a baby in Romania while they've been gone, and will have their fourth in March. I can't imagine the adjustments their family had to make. Or what it is like to overcome the language barrier and start a new church. They make it look easy, but I'm sure it has been more challenging than they let on. They are just so dependent on the Lord and so trusting that He will provide. And He does.

I was inspired by their visit and their example. I'm grateful I get to be a part of the work they do by praying for them and reading their newsletters. Now when I drink my coffee I can remember to pray for their family. I won't worry about them too much now, though. You can handle a lot with a good Starbucks close by. : )

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