Wednesday, September 23, 2009

W.O.W. Results- Room to Move and Create

I'm thankful more of you jumped in for this week's W.O.W. Challenge. So many other "priorities" and distractions popped up this week I wasn't expecting. I would not have finished as much without the accountability of knowing I'd have to report to you how I did.

I'm excited that the area is now cleaned up. I can see the floor and I have space to sew and scrapbook. Now if I only had the time! : )

My Messy Craft/Office Area Behind the Couch


Here it is After One Week:

Actually, I'm sitting in front of that laptop right now. : )

I'd hoped to have it decorated and organized as well, but that proved to be more than a week's worth of work. Well at least more than this week could handle. But like I always say, I'm celebrating how much further ahead I am on it than I was last week.

The additional organizing and decorating might be my next W.O.W. project. Anyone up for an October W.O.W. challenge? Hope so. I need the motivation to finish this thing.

I'm especially excited about the thread spool holder I made:

Remember how I've been grounded from spending more money on decorating? Well, this was my cost-free solution. My in-laws gave me this cool antique printer's tray but I didn't know what to do with it. It sat in the garage for years waiting for me to be inspired.

When I was searching for decorating possibilities in the garage the other day, I found it and remembered the leftover pain from my green wall. Voila! Inspiration! Thanks Joe and Nancy! : )

I had really hoped to have it actually mounted to the wall for this unveiling, but I promised King Charming that I wouldn't drill holes in "his studs" without his help, so I have to wait for him to get to the "Honey-Do" list before it will be up.
Hurry up, Honey. : )

Your turn! How did your projects go? Link up and then tomorrow I'll announce the coffee winner.


Bethany said...

Wow, it looks great! I love the spool holder- it's perfect!

Katy said...

Great job Beck! I also love the spool holder, what a great idea! You are so creative! I bet it's nice to have your space cleaned up, now you have a place you can scrapbook again! So my question do you keep Prince Charming out! LOL Baby gates??

Emma said...

I love the spool holder!! Such a great idea! said...

Love it! Love it!! Way to go girlie! Sorry I couldn't join in the fun and productivity. I am working on adjusting to my new fall schedule here at the circus.

Angie said...

Great jog Beck!! I so wanted to jump in on this WOW but somehow I didn't. I'm sorry...but I will do it next time. It's not like I don't have a million things that I could do. Hope you are all well...I miss you!

Heidi said...

You did a great job on your crafting area! I love the spool holder idea, very creative!

Hilty Sprouts said...

NICE! I am so impressed with your converted printer's tray. I always look at stuff like that and scratch my head thinking, "I just know there is something I should do with that" and then nothing happens! No strokes of genius!