Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Fall Nesting Bug and Thrifting Thursday Treasure Hunting

That title was a mouthful, huh? : )

Fall is in the air around here. The temperatures are still posting summer numbers, but it takes all day to get there, we wake up to chilly mornings, and all of a sudden I want to be Suzy Homemaker.

I'm using The Fly Lady's methods for keeping my house organized these days (sans the emails because they were too overwhelming for me. I'll post more about my new found organization another day)

I just finished cleaning Zone One this past week which included the front porch. My list said to "add a welcoming touch" so off to Michael's I went to create something for the front door that would say welcome.

Since most of you can't come over here physically to see, here's me opening my virtual front door to you and saying, "Come on in! Happy Fall!"

I can never pick just one picture. : )

I got the idea to use ribbon to hang it from The Nester of course. You use upholstery tacks at the top of the door to hold the ribbon in place. It took me two minutes to hang it. LOVE HER IDEAS!!! Have I mentioned that before. Hee Hee.

Well, I think King Charming can sense my nesting setting in and reminded me of our financial goals. (Thanks a lot, Dave Ramsey!) : ) Since we are "living like no one else today so we can live like no one else tomorrow", we are on a spending hiatus for the next six months.

This could put a serious damper on my nesting bug, but instead I decided to rise to the challenge and to designate Thursday mornings to thrift store shopping or as I like to call it, "Treasure Hunting."

My Rules for Myself for Treasure Hunting:

1. You don't have to buy. You are hunting for treasure. Only buy treasures that make you happy.

2. Use spare change.

3. When you bring something home, give something away.

I'm a novice treasure hunter. I did a lot of looking without inspiration, and then right when I was about to leave, I found my treasures!

Treasure Number One: Today, I only spent some extra quarters I had in my purse.

We've never had a napkin holder. I was using an old basket. This one looked pretty on the table tonight for dinner. And it only cost 99 cents. : )

Treasure Number Two:

When I saw this metal sign, I knew it was made for this room. Don't you agree? I couldn't pass it up for 99 cents.

I'll get a picture of it hanging in the All Star room once I get it up. I think I'm going to hang it above Prince Charming's closet.

I'll share more treasures as I find them! For less than $2, I entertained myself and kept my nesting bug satisfied.

Any other treasure hunters out there? : )

P.S. I have another giveaway coming from Zonderkidz. Stay tuned! My princesses (and their mommy) LOVED this one.


Sandra said...

Becky, you have such useful & inpirational posts! I just checked out the "flylady" website and it looks so helpful. I've been letting quite a few things "go" recently - my apartment, my office - that I'd really like to get organized & make over into pleasant spaces. I was feeling so overwhelmed I didn't know where to start! But thanks to your example I've devised a plan for myself, a little bit of organizing every day, so that my goal of a homey office & an organized home seems so much more attainable :)

Sally Jo said...

I love the sign! Mom