Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years Ago Today...

...I was pregnant with my first child.

I was teaching a classroom full of confused, frightened 12-year-olds with a ton of questions and I tried, but did not have all the answers.

I cried.

I prayed.

I was glued to the TV.

I thanked God for the important things in life.

I will not forget.

Where were you?

As we all remember today, I pray we will will use today to search our souls and and look again to the One with all the answers.

Love you!


Heather said...

I had been engaged just one month, and I was teaching first graders.

Mrs. MK said...

I was pregnant with my son, after losing our first baby. I shook as I cried watching those planes. The world seemed even darker.

J said...

Hi Becky! I was also teaching, but 2/3 graders and I remember trying to figure out how much to tell them...and how much to leave for their parents to explain. So hard.

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I have enjoyed your devotions on Calvary's site so much, and love the honesty and gentleness in which you deliver them! I also am inspired at how you can take the pain you have experienced in your earthly journey and use it to glorify God and help others. What a testimony to Him! I look forward to maybe someday meeting you in person.

God Bless you!

Rachel Beran said...

I'm so glad that you posted this today...and the Alan Jackson video. I listened to it and was touched...AGAIN. It's good to remember!!! I too remember exactly where I was and how glued we were to the tv for days afterwards. I'll never forget!

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

I get up pretty early every morning considering my kids have to be on the bus by 7am. I turned on the tv and saw an image of the first tower burning. At that time they didn't know anything. They even thought it was a small aircraft that hit it accidentally. As I watched, a camera was focused on the tower and at that moment the second plane hit the second tower. I will never forget the numb feeling I had at that moment. I had a 1 year old little boy and a 14 year old son at home. I called papa and told him what was happening. He almost dropped the phone. I am so thankful, though, that God had such a great man in office for just such a time as this. I was glued to the tv for a week. I felt helpless. I truly wanted to get on a plane and fly to New York to help find people in the rubble. Lord I pray that You will continue to keep this nation safe from this ever happening again.

Sharon said...

Yesterday left such a heaviness in my heart as I remembered everything that happened... 8 years ago seems like 30 years, so much has happened in the mean time. The world sure was changed by those cowardly acts.

On a much lighter note, it's a treat to "meet" a friend of Daquiri's and thanks for your visit. Gotta love the internet!