Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Treasure Hunting

I have been having so much fun on my weekly treasure hunts. I thought I'd share some of my latest finds.

One of my favorite finds were these Saltwater Sandals for Youngest Princess. We're still having pretty warm weather and I needed some school shoes. These were $1 and fit perfectly.

Aren't they cute? Apparently someone else thought they were cute, too. It was a good thing that they were only a dollar because last night at her daddy's flag football game, she took them off to play in the dirt and by the time we went to have her put them back on, they were gone. It doesn't sting so much to lose a pair of shoes that were only a dollar, but I was sad to see one of my treasures gone already.

I've wished for a long time that I had a glass pitcher that I could serve ice water or lemonade in, so I thought this was perfect for 50 cents. : )

I didn't follow my treasure hunting rules when I picked this handbag out.

I loved it and thought $2 was a good deal, but then I got home and couldn't find any outfits I could use it with. I'm not supposed to buy anything unless I know I can use it and I'm willing to part with something of equal function, size, or use when I get home so I don't fill up my house with junk "treasures."

Lesson learned. (But I still like it so I don't regret it too much. Would it be wrong to go and buy an outfit to match my $2 purse? Ha Ha) : )

My kids have gotten into the treasure hunting as well. The girls were pretty proud of the light switch covers they found for their bedrooms for 50 cents each:

I got the baseball sign from my last treasure hunt up. It's a perfect fit for Prince Charming's room.

He got another addition to his room this time:

It doesn't fit the sports theme, but it looks good with his play mat. Now I've got to get that up on the wall.

Speaking of Prince Charming-

Hey Mom, whatcha doin'?

I'm a treasure. Take my picture!

I think he's impressed. What do you think?
OK, that's enough treasure sharing for now. Do you think this post could be any longer? I'm going to save my newest favorite find for a post all its own. Can you guess what I did with this old serving tray I found at Goodwill?

One of my favorite bloggers inspired me and I had fun with it.

Stay tuned...


Bethany said...

Great finds! That is such a cute bag, I probably would have bought it as well!!

Hilty Sprouts said...

Treasure hunting is SO fun! Good job! I love that purse. You could totally put it with a casual outfit like a white button down shirt, dark wash jeans and those cute wedge sandals I saw you wearing with that hot mama dress you wore a couple weeks ago. You HAVE to! It's too cute to waste! :o)

The Jernigan Family said...

I LOVE treasure hunting but haven't been lately and the garage sale season is almost over. We like to go every Friday because things are open early and it gives us something to do. I should follow your give something away rule but I don;t. Did you see my post about turning your blog into a book? I am excited and can't wait to see how it turns out. Ben iss getting SO big!!

Shannon said...

You got some great finds!! Too bad about the sandals. :( Can't wait to see what you do with the silver platter. :) said...

Good for you! What wonderful treasures you discovered! Do you take all the kids with you treasure hunting. B/c I gotta admit, I find bargain hunting a real challenge with children in tow, especially my 2 yr old!