Monday, September 14, 2009

Odds and Ends and a W.O.W. Announcement

I had so many things I wanted to talk with you all about this morning, this ended up being an "odds and ends" post.

First- Don't miss my latest giveaway. It is such a sweet book! And I'm a new fan of Gabrielle Grimard, the illustrator.

Second- Please keep praying for Saeed. We were just told that often this government will release you and then have you murdered so they aren't responsible. Please pray him all the way home.

And Third- Man, you guys are NO HELP AT ALL!! : ) I put up a poll asking which week you'd like to W.O.W. and it was very nearly a three way split. Soooo.... since I can't make everyone happy, and I'm getting anxious to get going. I'm going to do one this week, Sept. 16th - Sept. 23rd. I'm really hoping a lot of you will play along even if this wasn't your first choice. Be on the lookout for a project you want to accomplish in one week's time and come see me on Wednesday to get started.

Happy Monday!


Sally Jo said...

No WOW for me this time, cause I'll be at your house. Oh,no, what was your project going to be? Mom

Emma said...

I haven't done a wow for a while, but i think I'm going to do it this week. Time to get the twin's closet a little more organized!!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to say hi...found you over at WFMW.

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Have a blessed rest of the week! :)