Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Been a Summer of...Part One

I have officially been bit by the Fall nesting bug. I might still being sitting here in 95 degree weather barefoot, but school has started and that signals the change of seasons for me.

I'm having so much fun being a little homemaking busy bee while my girls are in school. The FlyLady would be proud of me. : ) I have moved out of the C.H.A.O.S. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and into getting our home cozy for the winter.

But before I move on to this new season, I want to reminisce a little about this summer.

One way to characterize this summer is, it has been a summer of


It was the first summer of both girls being independent readers and they raided the community library often.

Here's some pictures of one of the first days of summer after a visit to the library:

I snuck up on Littlest Princess and caught her reading to herself. It was so cute. : )

Then when I went back inside, I found Oldest Princess in her secret hiding spot:

Later in the summer, Oldest Princess had an opportunity that you all know made her HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY- Reading to a dog at the library!

Here she is reading to Shorty the Dog:

Littlest Princess didn't want to be left out. She had to show off one of her all time favorites: Mrs. Wishy Washy!

And you did know Prince Charming was a genius, right? : )

More "Summer of" to come! : )


Hilty Sprouts said...

They are little bookworms after my own heart! Love it!

Sally Jo said...

This is so appropriate since the girls just got out of school yesterday, and now they are back. It feels like just last week that you were going to gymnastics and swimming lessons and they began as soon as school was out. Wow, we really are a vapor. Thank God for eternity! Mom

Bethany said...

That's awesome that they are enjoying reading! I was quite the bookworm when I was a youngster, still am! ;)