Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My American Idol Weekly Verdict

American Idol Season 7
OK.....I know you fellow idolaters (ooh that is convicting, huh?) were waiting on the edge of your seat for Becky's weekly verdict, right? Hee Hee

This week was weird for me. (I thought that before Simon said it on the show) : )

I really think it was a mistake to do the same theme for two weeks in a row. There was an awesome energy level and excitement last week. The performers were excited and their performances were fun. This week, the performances all felt flat to me. I can't even think who I would choose as the star of the week. I was kind of bored.

(Note: Doing the Beatles theme two weeks in a row was a mistake, but it wasn't as much of a mistake as the show tunes theme a few seasons back. ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ)

So here is my verdict:

Amanda: Simon said what I keep saying. Her performances are the same week after week. She seemed like she had a great time performing, but I think that if she doesn't change it up a bit and prove she can do something unique, she won't last. She might think ballads are boring, but all great rockers have done them, and I LOVE a good rock ballad.

David Cook: Despite the comment above, other than Jon Bon Jovi and a few 80's rock ballads, I really am not a rock fan. I listen to contemporary Christian music, so it surprises me how much I like him. I like his voice a lot and his performances always entertain me. Even this week, with a performance that, yes, Simon, was a little bit more of the same, I was entertained. Not enough to call him the star of the night but entertained.

David Archuleta: I was happy that he was able to recover from last week. I wish I could make myself love him like all of you do. He seems like a great kid and very deserving, but he makes me feel old. : ) It's like watching a little kid on stage. : )

Other thoughts:
Syesha did have a pretty good comeback from last week, but once again I have to agree with Simon......I would have loved to hear Brooke White sing "Yesterday" instead. I really love Brooke and hope she has a big comeback next week.

I'm thankful that there will be a new theme next week. I hope it will revive the contestants. Beatles were awesome last week, but I think a repeat of a theme, no matter what the theme, is a mistake.

My prediction for tonight is that Kristy Lee Cook will go home. I must brag a little and say I did call it last week, didn't I? : )

Oh, yeah! One more thing! I know I denied it before, but I was actually able to agree with you Jen and Joel. Jason Castro would look like a young John Travolta if he cut off the dreads! : )


Daiquiri said...

Hey girl - Consider yourself tagged! List 10 interesting things about yourself, and then drop me a comment to let me know when you're done so I can see you list :)


Daiquiri said...

Howdy...just wondering how your pasta turned out :)


Hilty Sprouts said...

Hee hee! Told you! ;)


Hey Daiq & Becky,
You still haven't dished your 5 weird things yet! You can't leave me hanging out in freak land by myself! ;)

Becky Avella said...

Jen~ I'm sorry I haven't done the 5 weird things yet. : ) I've been stalling....not because I'm not weird, just not sure what weirdness I want to reveal. : )

Daiquiri~ The pasta was really good but not as yummy as yours. It was missing your company while I was eating it I think. We did follow it with Dove Dark for dessert though.

Jamie said...

I thought Kristy Lee Cook was going to go last week too. Maybe this week? I missed Tuesday's show last week, but I guess I didn't miss much from what I heard. Hope tomorrow's is entertaining!

Stephanie M said...

Hi Becky - I love that you love Idol too. I just discovered it this season and am HOOKED! I love David Cook's voice too - I bought Billie Jean off of iTunes and love it! I tried to send you an email through the yahoo group. Stephanie