Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Memories from our Easter Trip

I wanted to share a few more highlights from our trip. The morning we were leaving Mom and Dad's house, my mom was sad that she would be returning to a quiet house with no granddaughters to eat dinner with that night. So after she left for work, Karissa decided to leave her a reminder of us. She wanted to make sure that Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't be eating dinner alone. : )

The end of our trip was so much fun. We were able to break the trip home in half by stopping to visit my cousin Katy. The girls were so excited to visit Katy's daughter Gracie. When we walked in the door, Gracie had Princess shirts waiting for the girls. Here's a picture of the kindred spirits:

The girls had a slumber party with Gracie in her playroom that night, and Katy made us pancakes and sausage for breakfast the next morning before we hit the road for home. The way to my girls' heart is through pancakes and sausage. : )

Katy is expecting her fourth baby three weeks after mine will be born, so it was fun to get excited about our babies together and listen to the heartbeats on the Doppler. All in all it was a great visit that I hope we can do again soon. Thanks Katy, Mike, Gracie, Cole, and Joey for showing us such a good time!

As I was packing up the car for the last leg of the trip, I saw these in Katy's front yard! It isn't the greatest photo, but it is proof that Spring really is coming! With all of the cold weather lately, I was doubting that it would ever truly be here.

It's funny to think about how hard it was for me to decide to just jump in the car and go without much planning, but I'm so glad I just did it. This entire trip was such a blessing.


Daiquiri said...

Hey Friend...missing you. We get in really late tomorrow. See you Wednesday morning (yawn!).

Jodie Wolfe said...

If you have a few minutes, I would love your input on my blog in regards to the ten struggles that Christian women face. Thank you!

From Five to Eight said...

so cute how your girls drew pictures for their grandparents and taped them on the chairs! Made me smile :)

Katy said...

Beck, I did it I joined the blogging world. Having a little trouble with the header though, if you have a chance give me a call!


The Jernigan Family said...

So cute! It is so neat to see our parents as Grandparents...they love it so much. You are going to have to show me the ropes on this thing but I can't wait to get started and keep in touch with you guys! Got any baby names picked out (well besides Monster Truck and Cutie Pie) you'll have to use something with those initials :o)

Love you