Thursday, March 6, 2008

My American Idol Weekly Verdict

I admit.....

I'm an American Idol Junkie.

Here's my verdict for the week:

Guys took the week and out sung the girls.

Star of the Week: David Cook


missy said...

David Cook ROCKED!! and I really didn't like him that much before. That's why you gotta keep watching.

Jamie said...

I am newly addicted too. I'm so glad Danny got kicked off- I was cheering!!! I love David Archuleta, although didn't think he did as great this week.

beckyjune said...

You are so funny! We are American Idol junkies,too. We've watched since the first one when we first moved to Boise. Now, season 7 and we're still watching. We'll have to check out your verdicts every week. Love the new blog, by the way. I need to check this out more often.