Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The BEST Maternity Clothes Ever!

I am so spoiled now, I can't go back! : )

I discovered a new type of pants/shorts/skirts at Motherhood Maternity called "Secret Fit Belly." Oh, if I could have only discovered these gems earlier (or they had been invented earlier!).

The belly on them is made out of a seamless microfiber that is incredibly comfortable and smooth under my clothes. With the other types of maternity belly styles, I am constantly yanking my pants back up where they belong. I never have to do that with these. The belly isn't tight at all, I hardly feel like I'm wearing anything, but somehow it just stays put.

I now own the convertible crop pants (can be pants or capris) and 2 bermuda shorts, one in khaki and the other in khaki green. Thank you, thank you, thank you to whoever invented these. I'll be coming back for more as the budget allows! : )

(Don't you think they should send me a gift certificate or something for all this advertising) : )
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Kimberly S said...

Oh, those sound like a dream. My pants situation was so bad when I was pregnant with Andrew that I had to quit wearing pants altogether--I wore nothing but dresses for the last month. I looked like such a whale; you'd have laughed at the amused/pitying smirks I got from all the women at church.

Memarie Lane said...

Those look great, but too expensive for me. :(

Katy said...

I want some, but I can't afford any right now and when you only have four months left I hate to spend money on any clothes especially since I think this is our last! Ugh, still wearing hand me down's and left overs from other babies. Maybe I should watch on E-bay or something. I want some!

Becky Avella said...

Oh yes, I should have put a warning about how expensive they are. That's why I only own two pairs of shorts for the summer. All of the hand-me-down shorts I got from friends were too small (I have skinny minny friends)so I had to invest in shorts anyway. It's worth it to me to wear the same pair every day in order to have this comfort. : ) At least I have two colors. : ) But, yes, they are spendy. Ebay is a good idea!


Stephanie M said...

You are so lucky to have those maternity pants - they sound like a dream compared to what I had to wear! Hope your pregnancy is going really well!!!!

Jamie said...

I hear ya. I have those too and I love them. And all my other ones seem to fall down...I hate to keep hiking up shorts!