Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Loveliest, Most Perfect, "Straight From my Dreams" Morning

I had the loveliest, most perfect, straight from my dreams, mornings, and I'm still smiling. 

When I tell you what I did, some of you will get a blank, "I don't get it" look on your faces, while others of you will instantly get a faraway, dreamy smile and will have to fight back your jealousy.  

#1- I had two whole hours TO MYSELF.  

#2- I spent those two hours in a cozy corner of the library writing while it snowed outside.  (And I was all by myself)   

#3- I had a travel mug full of hot coffee.

#4- I made a lot of progress on a writing project I've been yearning to work on. 


This morning will definitely be included on my list for next Monday's Multitudes post. 

Did I mention I'm still smiling? 

I hope there are moments that make you smile today.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Multitudes on Mondays- One Thousand Gifts

More Counting of My Amazing Blessings and
My Thanks to You, Lord-

#65 A phone message saying something had happened to Nana.  I was so afraid to hear the news and crying before I could dial.  The relief and gratitude I felt when Dad said, "She's doing OK and  going home from the hospital."  Thank you, Lord.  Praying for continued healing from her stroke yesterday.  I love you, Nana. 

#66 Witnessing my sweet girls take a stand for Jesus.  Hearing, "I want to tell the world that I love Jesus." 

#67 It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Super Prince Charming!

Memories of my own little brother in his superman costume with cape, now seen in my own son.

#68 Beautiful snow falling this week covering the dirty earth with white making my heart feel the holiday expectation.   

#69 Joy overflowing in church yesterday as many stood up and shared their thanksgiving. 

Image of Grace Wins Necklace
#70 Seeing this necklace  and pondering its message in my heart.  Closing my eyes and seeing it in my mind and knowing that Grace Won in my family.  

#71 Friends who know me, all of me, and love me anyway, covering me with grace.

#72   A butterfly raised by Littlest Princess from a caterpillar not willing to fly away.  The joy its beauty brought and also the reminder that I'm no longer the caterpillar and to remember that I can fly if I'll only do it. 

#73 Rediscovering my love for poetry as I newly discover novels written in verse.  So thankful for the way they move me and inspire me and make me dream of creating beauty with words.

#74 My children are warm and have new coats, gloves, boots, scarves, and hats when Wednesday's forecast says a high of 15 degrees. 

#75 Two beautiful princesses dreaming together by our fire while I read aloud one of my favorites.  

#76 The building excitement of family coming to help us celebrate Thanksgiving.  Only two more sleeps and then  "over the river and through the woods" to Aunt Becky's house they will all go.  

Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
- Psalm 34:8

I'm participating in Multitude Monday on A Holy Experience


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giveaways, Giveaways Make Me Happy : )

If you know me, you know I love The Nester

Other people love The Nester, too.  Nester has really cool friends who make and sell really cool stuff, and I have been spending the last two days drooling over some of that really cool stuff that her really cool friends are giving away.  

Entering all of the giveaways, I've been wishing I could win them all, and then it dawned on me.  I need to let my blogging friends know about all of this before it's too late for them to enter, too.  If I don't win, I would love to see one of you win!  

So go over here and enter! 

The Nester isn't the only one giving things away.  Today, I entered to win $2,000 from Dave Ramsey.  Winning that would be really, really cool!  (And he's giving stuff away everyday for awhile).  

And my current favorite giveaway of all of them is being hosted by Krista from Hope in the Waiting.  She is giving away a copy of one of my books.  Krista said, "I am praying that the Lord knows just the right person who needs to read this book."  I'm praying the same thing.  If reading the book would be a blessing to you personally or you know someone you'd like to give it to, make sure you hop over and enter the giveaway.  She's drawing the winner tomorrow morning. 

Good luck to me and you! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Girls' Big Day: Mommy's Heart Overflows

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart" - Luke 2:19

Our family at church this morning, excited to celebrate the girls' special day. 
When our pastor announced that we would be having a special baptism service on November 14th, my girls asked if they could be baptized.  I was so touched by the answers they gave when we asked them why.  Later, they met with our pastor and explained that they fully understood what baptism was all about- an outward expression of their inward faith.  

They told him that they understood what sin was, they shared their stories of when they asked Jesus into their hearts, and explained why they wanted to be baptized.  Our pastor said he would love to baptize them and they've been looking forward to it for a long time.  Today was the day.   

After today, I thought of the Bible verse above.  I think I know a little how Mary must have felt.  Today has been marked in my heart as a day to remember and to celebrate. 

The most important thing for me as a mother is to know that my kids have a personal, saving relationship with Jesus, and this afternoon, my sweet little girls got up in front of the church and told everyone that they love Jesus and want to live for him. 

I cried of course.  : )   

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't be there and demanded requested videos and pictures.  I was so excited about getting to church this morning, I drove off without my camera.  My friend Jen rescued me and loaned me her camera for the day.  Thank you, Jen!!  

Unfortunately, between using a camera I wasn't familiar with, juggling Prince Charming, and wiping lots of tears of joy away, I didn't make it home with high quality videos or pictures.  Sorry, Mom and Dad.  

But I did get these!  They don't do a great job of reflecting just how sweet it really was for all of us seeing it in person, but you'll get the idea.  And the videos are also very quiet so you'll have to crank the volume)

Littlest Princess


"I'm being baptized because I want to tell the world that I love Jesus." 

Oldest Princess:

"I want to be baptized because Jesus died for me, and I want to tell the world that I love Him." 

My pictures of them all didn't turn out, but I also wanted to say how much it meant to me that several of our friends came to church with us today to support the girls.  (A 40 minute drive for many of them). 

We are so blessed by the friends God has given us.  Thank you Erin, Madeline, Marisa,  Alisa, Daiquiri, Luke, Ben, Clara, Sammy, Thomas, Jen, Joel, Noelle, and Zach and to the rest of our sweet church family for making this a memorable day full of love for our girls and for us!  We are truly, truly grateful!

Lord, I pray our girls will walk with you all the days of their lives!


Monday, November 8, 2010

W.O.W. Postponed : (

I was looking forward to kicking off our Within One Week challenge this morning, but boo hoo I'm too sick to get it going today.  I'm going to have to postpone it until I'm feeling better.  I'm sorry. 

Last week, my daughters had strep throat, and I'm afraid it's Mommy's turn.  I hope you'll all still join me to play along at a later date. 


Friday, November 5, 2010

Why Just a Day? How About All Month Long?

Thanksgiving is on its way!

In a few short weeks, my home will fill up with my family who are coming to help me celebrate, and I am so excited for that special day.

Amidst my busy preparations, house cleaning, and menu planning, I don't want to make it to December missing what the holiday is all about- Thanking God.

Last Sunday night, our pastor talked to us about Thanksgiving coming and challenged us to consider dedicating this entire month to giving thanks instead of relying on the one day.

His challenge resonated with me. I'm excited about how much better prepared I will be on the day, if I spend the whole month actively identifying my blessings and purposefully saying, "Thank You!"

It's been special already. Each morning during our drive to school this week, the girls have been listing the things they are feeling thankful for that morning. It's interesting to hear the creative things they appreciate, and it has given me fresh perspective. For example, one of the girls said, "I'm thankful for the colors. I'm glad the world isn't black and white." Now I've been looking around and seeing color in a new way.

"Yes, little girl, I'm glad this world isn't black and white, too!"

I want to use my blog as a place to highlight my gratitude and I know just where I want to begin.

This afternoon, I thought it would be interesting to see what pops up when I Google my name, and I stumbled across this article about me on my church's website. It made me incredibly grateful to re-read it today.

So, Father, I want to publicly thank you once again for your faithful presence in my life and the knowledge that you hold my future as well!