Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Girls' Big Day: Mommy's Heart Overflows

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart" - Luke 2:19

Our family at church this morning, excited to celebrate the girls' special day. 
When our pastor announced that we would be having a special baptism service on November 14th, my girls asked if they could be baptized.  I was so touched by the answers they gave when we asked them why.  Later, they met with our pastor and explained that they fully understood what baptism was all about- an outward expression of their inward faith.  

They told him that they understood what sin was, they shared their stories of when they asked Jesus into their hearts, and explained why they wanted to be baptized.  Our pastor said he would love to baptize them and they've been looking forward to it for a long time.  Today was the day.   

After today, I thought of the Bible verse above.  I think I know a little how Mary must have felt.  Today has been marked in my heart as a day to remember and to celebrate. 

The most important thing for me as a mother is to know that my kids have a personal, saving relationship with Jesus, and this afternoon, my sweet little girls got up in front of the church and told everyone that they love Jesus and want to live for him. 

I cried of course.  : )   

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't be there and demanded requested videos and pictures.  I was so excited about getting to church this morning, I drove off without my camera.  My friend Jen rescued me and loaned me her camera for the day.  Thank you, Jen!!  

Unfortunately, between using a camera I wasn't familiar with, juggling Prince Charming, and wiping lots of tears of joy away, I didn't make it home with high quality videos or pictures.  Sorry, Mom and Dad.  

But I did get these!  They don't do a great job of reflecting just how sweet it really was for all of us seeing it in person, but you'll get the idea.  And the videos are also very quiet so you'll have to crank the volume)

Littlest Princess


"I'm being baptized because I want to tell the world that I love Jesus." 

Oldest Princess:

"I want to be baptized because Jesus died for me, and I want to tell the world that I love Him." 

My pictures of them all didn't turn out, but I also wanted to say how much it meant to me that several of our friends came to church with us today to support the girls.  (A 40 minute drive for many of them). 

We are so blessed by the friends God has given us.  Thank you Erin, Madeline, Marisa,  Alisa, Daiquiri, Luke, Ben, Clara, Sammy, Thomas, Jen, Joel, Noelle, and Zach and to the rest of our sweet church family for making this a memorable day full of love for our girls and for us!  We are truly, truly grateful!

Lord, I pray our girls will walk with you all the days of their lives!



andreawilliams said...

Love it!!! What a blessing that you girls really know who Jesus is! I am in tears thinking of them.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Hooray! Congratulations, girls. What a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing, Becky. :)