Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Is Over

I'm surprised about how few pictures I took over our vacation. I guess I was too busy having fun to stop and document it all. I did get a few though that make me smile and one that tugs at my heartstrings a little.

My brother and I have always been good friends and it is tough for us to not have our kids living in the same town. We worried they wouldn't be as close of friends as we were with our cousins. We shouldn't have worried. Our kids make the most of every opportunity to see each other. They love each other so much.

When they do get together, it is very important to check out who is taller now.

On this trip, we were stuck inside a lot because of very cold, snowy conditions, so Mom and my sister-in-law taught the kids to dance. The boys would come up to the girls and say, "May, I have this dance?" There were only two girls and three boys, so the odd man out would ask to cut in. They were very polite and formal. It was adorable.

For Baby's first Christmas, he got a Baby Einstein Play Gym. I think he likes it.

At this point, though, he is much more interested in smiling faces than toys.

This is my nephew, Zac. He is such a spitfire! He's got the greatest raspy voice and all-boy personality. I love how much he reminds me of his daddy at this age. This is the picture that pulls on my heartstrings. As cute as it is, it makes me a little sad.

My brother and I were keeping up with each other in the baby having business. My daughters and his two oldest sons are the same age and are really close friends. Whenever we get together, they pair off and have so much fun together. I guess on this trip I noticed how left out Zac was. It made me miss David, my baby boy who would have been the same age as Zac if he had been born. There are times especially during special events and holidays when I still really feel the loss.

Don't worry about Zac too much, though. He made sure everyone included him, and he kept us all laughing. Here he is entertaining his audience. : ) You can see Grandma fit in lots of baby holding.

We had such a great trip. We were able to go to my brother and sister-in-law's house, then to Mom and Dad's place, and then to my cousin Katy's. It was all so sweet and fun. My family is amazing. Whenever we go to visit it feels like their whole goal in life is to bless us. We are so spoiled to be so loved.

It is hard being back in the real world. I'm struggling to get Prince Charming back on a good sleeping schedule after the trip. He hasn't been very charming at all when he's wide awake at 3 AM or screaming his head off because he doesn't want to nap. I'm telling myself, "This too shall pass" and trying to get him back into a regular routine. I'm praying we will get back to where we were. My quality of life right now is so dependent on his sleeping habits, but as always, he is worth it all.

One of the best parts of this trip was the time I spent with all three of my kids. I was just so incredibly proud of them and grateful for them. I enjoyed them so much.

Well, that's all I've got for you. The pictures don't do the trip justice or give you an idea of how beautiful all of the snow was. We had a Merry and Very White Christmas. I hope yours was also!

Happy New Year Everyone!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Hmmm...I'm Beginning to Worry About Me

I think Denny Crane isn't the only one with "Mad Cow Disease."

Just two posts ago I was telling you about my snow gear drama. I wish I could say that was the end of my forgetfulness. But...

Christmas Eve I showed up at my aunt and uncle's house without a diaper bag.

The day after Christmas, I forgot a much needed pacifier for Prince Charming when we went to my nephew's birthday party.

And now...

The icing on the cake. We are finally home. We just walked in the door after a very, very long drive. Everyone was so exhausted. I couldn't wait to get the girls' jammies on and tuck them in to bed.

Too bad their suitcases and pillows are still sitting on top of their beds at Grandma's house-

A mere 10 hour drive away.

I'm batting 1,000 don't you think? : )

The Very Forgetful Mama,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Song

Merry Christmas!

All My Love,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another "Adventures of Super Mom"

All week, I've been so busy preparing for our trip to visit family for Christmas- laundry, packing, shopping, wrapping presents, etc. There were lists and lists and more lists. I felt like I would never get it all done or be ready to go by Saturday morning.

But there was one thing on my list I knew I didn't need to worry about for once. I'm never prepared for kids and snow, but this year was going to be different. As I watched the weather reports, seeing Mom and Dad's and my brother and sister-in-law's homes getting pounded with snow and subzero temperatures, I was proud of being totally ready with snow gear. This year I not only had the girls completely outfitted for snow and cold, but they were even completely color coordinated! Coats- check, gloves- check, boots- check, snowpants- check. They were all ready to be stylish little Eskimos. I mentally patted myself on the back!

That was until about 11 PM Friday night when King Charming went to pack the snow gear. Everything was there except the brand new snowsuit and mittens I had just sent him to the store earlier this week to buy for our oldest daughter. We turned the house upside down until we realized that her new gear had been left at school. There had been too much Christmas Vacation excitement at school that day to remember dumb 'ol gloves and snowpants. KC made a futile trip to the school to see if there might be a friendly janitor there to let him in. No luck. To put it nicely, King Charming was, um, how should I say it? Less than impressed?

We hit the road at 7 AM without the snow pants and mittens, figuring she'd learn a tough lesson. The first five hours of our trip went great we had fun meeting some good friends for breakfast at McDonalds and the girls watched DVDs while their baby brother slept. King Charming and I drank Dutch Brother's mochas and had fun, caffeine induced conversation. But then as we pulled into a scheduled pit stop at my cousin Katy's house, we had THIS conversation.

Me: So, did you pack the girls' coats in the back of the truck or are they under their feet?

KC: (looking at me like I have three heads) What are you talking about?

Me: Their coats, where did you put them in the truck before we left?

KC: Where did I put them? I laid them out on the couch for them to put on before we left. You don't PACK coats. It's winter time- you WEAR coats!

At this point the slow horrible realization hit me that not only was my oldest daughter headed to -6 degree weather without snowpants and without mittens, now BOTH girls were a five hour drive away from their COATS!!!! What kind of mother am I anyway??????

So much for my color coordinated, extra warm, bought well in advance snow gear. So much for being organized this year! I couldn't believe it. It was one of those moments that all you can do is laugh at yourself.

There is a happy ending to all of this. We stopped at my cousin's house and she and her awesome friend, Andrea, rescued me by finding coats and snowpants their kids had outgrown. When my kids asked us when we were leaving Katy's house, I told them, "After we are done being a charity case." Thank you, thank you, thank you Katy and Andrea. You saved me!

Murphy MUST have been thinking of me when he wrote his law. : )

My girls have all the snow gear they could possibly need now. Too bad it's too cold to go outside. : )

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mommy's Favorite Color

My girls are at an age where it is critical to have a favorite color. Not only do they have favorite colors, but they also have second favorite colors, third favorite etc. This categorizing of colors is important stuff for Kindergarten and First Grade girls.

Every time they ask about my favorite color, I always say, "sunset." This didn't make sense to these pink and purple girls. Sunset isn't a crayon, so they didn't know what I meant. I explained, "My favorite color is that pinkish, purplish, yellowish, orange-ish color you see in a really beautiful sunset." (There is no name for this color. My dad and I tried to name it once and failed. So now it is just "sunset" to me)

The girls finally accepted sunset as an answer and seemed to let the matter drop until last week when my youngest daughter burst through the front door, out of breath, yelling, "Mommy, mommy, come QUICK!!!! It's your favorite color!!!!"

She drug me out on the porch to show me this:

Oh, yes, little girl. THAT IS IT!! That is Mommy's favorite color!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finding Deals Online

My husband is famous for finding great deals. I've never met another person who can negotiate like he can, or can save money like he does. Our friends and family come to him before major purchases knowing he'll be able to save them big bucks.

Recently he taught me a cool trick for finding deals online, so I thought I'd pass on one of King Charming's deal finding secrets. For many of you, this probably isn't new, but for those of you who are less tech savvy like me, here's what you do:

1. Do a Google search for the item you are looking to purchase.

2. When you get the results of your search you will see small links along the top of the list that say "Web" and "Shopping" (There might be other links, also, like "image" or "video")

3. If you click the "Shopping" link, you'll get a list of comparison prices on the item you are looking for. I was surprised to see huge differences in prices from one vendor to another on the same item.

Let me know if you find a great deal! Happy last minute Christmas shopping!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hidden Treasure

I discovered hidden treasure in my closet this weekend.

The "treasure chest" is an old stationary box. On the lid is a 3x5 card with the words "Thy Will Be Done" handwritten on it, and inside are scraps of paper notes. It is my "God Box," something I made after reading a devotion years ago. The devotion recommended making a box to place your worries into, giving you a physical representation of letting go, of leaving the worry in God's hands, and trusting Him to take care of all of your needs.

This weekend, when I took the lid off, I realized the notes inside were written over six years ago, and I hadn't read them since I put them into the box. Standing in my closet, I read every piece of paper. Some were one or two words, while others were full page letters pouring out my concern and anxiety to the Lord. All of them were legitimate needs and worries of the past, bringing back memories of lost sleep. But the me of today stood there realizing that every single need in that box had been met. There wasn't one worry written down that was a current worry today.

Finding the box truly was a treasure arriving at the perfect time. I've been dealing with anxiety lately, and it was so good to be reminded of God's faithfulness to me. My discovery allowed me to see my anxiety through a proper perspective. Left in His very faithful hands, God will work out the issues of today just as He has so faithfully worked out the issues of yesterday.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not One But TWO Teeth in One Day

My youngest princess came home from school on Thursday with a tooth necklace proudly hanging around her neck. She wanted to lose her first tooth at school so badly because you get to have a cool necklace to bring it home.

Then she showed me that the tooth next to it was loose, too. I wiggled it and said, "Holy Cow. That's really loose. You might be the only kid I know to loose two teeth in one day."

Well that was all it took for this determined little girl. When she gets an idea in her pretty little head there is NO stopping her. She was going to lose that next tooth if it killed her.

She wiggled it all afternoon while she waited for Sissy to get home on the school bus. Then they locked themselves in the bathroom until they came out proudly displaying the second tooth! I tried to ignore the bathroom full of bloody tissue paper. I don't want to know what lengths they went to get it out. I'm thankful for the closed door. Blood and me don't mix very well.

Here's video of the girls telling you all about it:

Have you ever heard of someone losing two teeth in one day? She's pretty proud of her accomplishment. She keeps walking around giggling about it and sticking her tongue through the new hole, saying, "I'm the only kid in the whole wide world who lost two teeth in one day. Well, at least I'm the only kid in our family!" : )

Thursday, December 11, 2008

King Charming and the Steam Mop

I asked for a steam mop for Christmas, but King Charming won't get it for me.

Whenever I tell him I want one, he gets this panicked look in his eyes and says, "I'm sorry. I can't do it. I will not be the guy who got you a mop for Christmas. I can hear it now, "So, Charming, what did you get your wife for Christmas? No way! You got her a MOP!!!'"

I keep insisting, "But it will make my life easier, so that's a good gift."

I just didn't get it until my wise friend, Jen, sent me this video. Now I understand!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Uh Oh!

North Pole- Christmas preparations have come to a stand still as residents of Santa's village learned their beloved friend, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, lost his head in a tragic accident this evening. The cause of the accident is unknown at this time, but two tree-decorating, little girls were held for questioning. Rudolph is currently listed as critical. A spokesman for the North Pole Regional Hospital said, "Rudolph is in surgery at this hour. His doctors hope a generous dose of Super Glue will save his life. We won't know until morning if he is going to make it. We'll keep you informed of his progress after the glue dries"

Family members, elves, and reindeer friends are keeping a constant vigil in the waiting room. "Everyone is hoping for the best," said Hermie the Elf, a close family friend.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun With Grandma

My mom is visiting this week and is doing very grandmotherly things with the girls. Today's activity was baking candy cane cookies.

Here, you can watch them in action:

(Favorite Quote: "You're my sister since God made you and God made me, right?" So sweet!)

I think gingerbread men are on the agenda for tomorrow. Yum....It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Actually, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas around here, too. We decked the halls tonight. I'll post more about that soon.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Can't Stop Thinking About These Videos

I watched these videos earlier this week, and I can't stop thinking about them. I keep thinking about them in light of Christmas and what it all means. I hope you'll watch them and tell me what you think.

"Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him." - Matthew 2:2

This is only Part One and Part Two of a five part series. Here are links to the rest of the videos in the series if you want to watch the whole thing.

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're Watching-

Rudolph Tonight!!

This show is so nostalgic for me. Are you watching tonight, too? (On CBS)

Favorite Scene:

Rudolph: Hey, Clarice? After practice, would you... would you...
Comet, the Coach: Rudolph! You get back here! It's your turn, you know!
Rudolph: Gee, I gotta go back! [starts to run off but then runs back]
Rudolph: Would you walk home with me?
Clarice: Uh-huh. Rudolph? I think you're cute.
Rudolph: [jumping around] I'm cute! I'm CUTE! She thinks I'm CU-U-U-TE!

King Charming does a great impersonation of this scene! Hee Hee. : )

More Gifts- More Gratitude

(You can click here to read about what this list is all about.)

On my way to 1,000 Thank Yous.....

29. A project that was sent home for my first grader as homework. I dreaded the hassle when I first saw it, but completing it last night was such a joy. We cranked the Christmas music and made Christmas candy to share with classmates. I was thankful for the unexpected bonding time with my girls.

30. Consistently losing the extra weight from pregnancy each week- even after Thanksgiving. The ability to do this is not coming from me.

31. Realizing my computer was stealing too much of my time. Seeing how much I am accomplishing now that my priorities have been shifted.

32. The excitement over Grandma coming tomorrow. We are all counting down to her arrival.

33. A coffee date with a good friend on Monday night and the encouragement she gave me.

34. Listening to my youngest daughter do her speech practice- loving how deliberate she is every time she says her L's, W's, and Th's. She's trying so hard! Hearing her say, with pride in her eyes, "I used to say wuv but now I say L-ove."

35. Lunch with a good friend- delicious food and dark chocolate for dessert.

36. Prince Charming discovering his hands and fingers. Watching him learning new things right before my eyes.

37. The financial resources to buy Christmas presents and the thrill I get from finding the "just right" gifts for people I love.

38. Conversations with King Charming that go late into the night because we have so much to tell each other.

39. That feeling of knowing there is no one else I'd rather be with.

More to come....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Love, Love, Love My Calendar

Last year, I was given the BEST calendar for a family. It is so great, even my husband commented on how much he likes our calendar, and he is not the type of man to notice or care about a calendar.

Here it is in all its glory:
It is called "More Time Mom's: Family Organizer." Here's a little about it:

- Extra large, lined squares where I can record several events for different family members, or add important details like phone numbers to RSVP
- Great stickers for activities. My kids have fun adding the stickers and make sure I don't forget to add them.
- It is a 16 month calendar. (Too bad I wasn't organized enough to buy the 2009 Calendar in September to take full advantage of it. Next year I'll have it marked on my calendar to buy in August)

It has just been a super practical calendar that has helped so much to keep our family organized. It works for me!

Oh yeah, one more thing! I noticed I'm on the last month of my beloved calendar. Hint to Santa: Replacing my calendar would be an AWESOME stocking stuffer.
(Yes- I'm 32 years old and still have a stocking. Santa loves me. I'm a really, really good girl) : )

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Monday, December 1, 2008

My Little Sweetheart

Hey, this picture taking is pretty fun!

But every boy has his limits:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow- My New Prayer

Teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course.
Give me insight so I can do what you tell me-

My whole life one long, obedient response.

- Psalm 119:33-34 (The Message)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Were Rescued!

I've hosted Thanksgiving dinner every year for at least the last six years. My family comes to visit from out of state, and we have a long weekend of noise, chaos, cousins, and lots of love. But this year no one was able to come. There were a lot of reasons: finances tight, work schedules, etc. Even my husband had to desert me for Thanksgiving because of work obligations. It was looking like it was going to be one of the loneliest Thanksgivings ever. But.....

We were rescued! Daiquiri invited us to her house for Thanksgiving dinner, and we ended up staying all day, late into the night.

We walked in the door to yummy smells and this beautiful table.

The kids immediately started in on the hors d'oeuvres. (a.k.a. fruit platter) (Have you ever tried to Google how to spell that word? Nobody really knows I think. I stuck with one spelling, but I'm still not convinced I'm right and spell check is no help at all. Hee Hee)

Spending Thanksgiving with their good buddies was so fun for them. (They did miss their cousins, though, Aunt Angie)

Sparkling Cider in real wine glasses made them feel so special.

Prince Charming gave me the gift of sleeping all the way through the meal. I got to sip red wine, eat AMAZING food, and have real grown-up conversation.

I'm usually so busy doing all the preparation. I really enjoyed relaxing and fitting in lots of hugs and kisses from my greatest gifts:

Later that night, Daiquiri's hubby set up a fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and made S'mores. The kids played in the dark with flashlights while we sat around the fire. I'm sure this will be one of those childhood memories they will talk about as adults.

It was a magical day. I missed my family so much, especially when I called and heard them all around the table at my brother and sister-in-law's house, but we were so well cared for right here! I'm so grateful for great friends.

I hope you all had a blessed holiday, too!