Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank You One Thousand Times

I've been thinking more about all the reasons I have for being thankful. I remembered visiting this beautiful blog and seeing her One Thousand Gifts. Over time, Ann has blogged a running gratitude list, until she arrived at one thousand gifts. Eventually she inspired other bloggers to join her, and they have become the "Gratitude Community."

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I decided I wanted to join the Gratitude Community. So today, I begin to count my blessings, one by one: (In no particular order)

1. Watching my girls hold hands every morning on the way to the bus stop.

2. A hole in our fence and a worn path down the hill connecting our backyard with our buddies.

3. Priceless pictures of my babies taken often by a talented friend

4. Giggling at the dinner table.

5. Warm inside when it looks like this

6. A new promotion for King Charming.

7. Friends who "get" me and make me laugh. (And don't judge me too much for not recycling)

8. This You Tube video when I need a good laugh

9. Zac's cartwheels : )

10. My Tempur-Pedic mattress. (You know you are getting old when a great mattress means so much)

11. Being able to keep in touch with far away family like her, her, her, and her.

12. Finding old friends on Facebook

13. PRETTY pink boots for little girl feet.

14. Warm coats for my kids.

15. My morning hugs from sleepy, just woke-up, barefoot in their jammies little girls.

16. Friday Night Pizza and Family Movie Night

17. Being able to be a stay-at-home-mommy

18. These toes:

19. A bowl of hot Grape Nuts on a chilly morning

20. Dutch Brothers Coffee

21. A steady paycheck from KC's secure job.

22. My whole family is healthy. I just watched a segment on the Today Show about St. Jude's Hospital. Thank you, Lord, for my family's health!

23. Swedish pancake breakfast with the WHOLE family on the holidays.

24. Sitting around in our pajamas, drinking coffee, and trying to solve the world's woes after that Swedish pancake breakfast at Mom and Dad's house.

25. That I can still go home to Mom and Dad's house.

26. The way Mom and Dad make Christmas happen in a magical way. There's no place like home.

27. Having plans for Thanksgiving this year when I thought I'd be all alone. Thanks for rescuing me Luke and Daiquiri!

28. Blog readers who leave me comments. : )

More to come........

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for blog posts from my kids when I am so far away. Only this one makes me sad because I MISS the giggles at the dinner table, and morning hugs from sleepy, just woke up barefoot in their jammys little Becky and Ben. Thanks for sharing your giggles and hugs with me. Love, Mom

Daiquiri said...

I'm thankful to be loved enough to make it onto someone's "I'm thankful for" list :) Looking forward to having you over tomorrow :)

Hilty Sprouts said...

Thanks, that is sweet!

nomore said...

HI Becky! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's so nice to 'meet' you:O)

I have enjoyed reading what I have as I sort of did a quick run down through your posts-

I love the story about your mom & dad coming to Christ- how special!

I am ALMOST finished reading A Bride Most Begrudging- it's very good!

Thank you for the sweet comment about my homeschooling journey thus far, it feels pretty cool getting a comment like that from one who doesn't homeschool :O)

The pictures of your girl's Thanksgiving Party at school looked like so much fun!! I remember doing that as a kid myself and then a little bit with my son before we took him out.

God bless you & your family, and I'll pray about your adoption journey. We've been poking around looking into adoption ourselves (just praying and tucking away info for now.) You can read more of my story on that by clicking on- DESIRES OF MY HEART- under my lables, if ya'd like)

--sorry for writing a book here--