Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Yesterday, this comment was left on my blog post:

Ahem....a little credit for the King would be nice. And you failed to mention that you picked THE MOST EXPENSIVE boots in the store. hmmmmm selective memory?

OK, King Charming, I will admit you were there and you were the one holding the cash AND you were very generous in allowing your little girl to have the beautiful pink boots. Thanks for shelling out the dough so our little girl won't be writing a future blog post about ugly snow boots. You know this isn't the first time my personal baggage has cost you money. ; )

But in my defense. There was only ONE other pair of boots in the store and they were only $5 cheaper than the ones we bought AND I overheard the princesses talking about how they didn't like the other pair because they were gray and that was close to black and I just had to have the pinkest of pink pairs for my princess.

Here they are in all their pink glory:

And just look at the smile on her face:

Plus, King Charming, you are a sucker, too. Look at the brand new backpack you surprised the other princess with:

You act tough, but I know the truth! : )



Anonymous said...

They both look so pink, so cute, so very happy!! Job well done parents!!

Anonymous said...

Mom and Dad ROCK!!!

Once again... Hooray for Girlie PINK snow boots! Thanks for sharing such adorable photos!


Anonymous said...

I love the coats! I can't imagine wearing them though, as I sit here in 70 degree weather. Can't wait to get back! I'd love it if it were March or April. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

They were both very cute at the bus stop this morning. You both did a nice job.