Monday, November 17, 2008

Mama's Helper

Monday nights are always a challenge for me because of AWANA. It is always a juggling act to get Prince Charming fed and the princesses delivered to the church before 6:00.

Lately, my oldest princess has been my saving grace. I was so proud of her tonight. While I nursed the prince, SHE COOKED DINNER. (Don't worry...I was close enough to supervise)

She even served it up on plates and made sure she and her sister were fed.

She was so proud of herself.

She even had their vests and handbooks in piles so they were easy to find when it was time to go.

Now if I could just teach her to clean her room! : )


Hilty Sprouts said...

That's impressive! When will mine do that?

The Jernigan Family said...

What did she make for dinner? That is so impressive, what a good girl! By the way, I know you formula fed the girls right? At what age do you stop? Love ya

Becky Avella said...

It was garlic chicken. It comes in a bag and you add water. : )

Still- She read the directions, poured the water in, stirred, turned down the heat after it boiled, and set the timer. Not bad for a first grader. : )

Angie said...

Will you tell her to teach her cousin how to do that when she sees him next? And also tell her that her Aunt Angie is very proud of her!

Katy said...

Wow, that is awesome! Cole is the chef at our house, he loves to cook! What a huge help for you! I may have to get Gracie to try something like that! I think it would just be a fight though. When I'm in the kitchen they fight about who gets to help. Then I have Cole and Gracie and Joey on the counter!

Anonymous said...

Tell her how proud I am of her, and now that I know what she can do, I'm going to put her to work over Christmas! Grandma

Anonymous said...

I am truly impressed! She looks adorable in her apron! What did she make?