Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Book

Today, Mrs. MK wrote a blog post about my book, Hope and Healing After Pregnancy Loss. If you are visiting from her blog, welcome!

It was such an honor to read what she had to say about the book and such a blessing to meet her in person. I've been following her blog for awhile now, and have been so impressed by her and the way she is dealing with her grief. I'm grateful my story was helpful in some way.

I'll have to do a post another day about how God led me to write this book. It was a gift from Him, and the writing of it was something He used to help me heal. I'm looking forward to the day it is a "real" book instead of a manuscript. Now that the writing is done, I'd be so grateful if you would pray for the publishing process and all that entails. I'm a rookie and have a lot to learn about the process.

Please pray for the people who will read it. I hope it will point broken hearts to real hope and will help friends, family members, and churches to know how to help someone who is going through this kind of grief.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

Good start. I'm still praying for your book to get published, so it can help lots of others. Mom

The Jernigan Family said...

That is a great thing you are doing Becky! I have a friend who could benefit from the manuscript if you are willing to send one! They have tried 3 time and were unsuccessful, and I showed her a picture of Benjamin and how cute he is and showed her that there is hope. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey... umm... I would like to read if if you'll let me. ??

PS. Hope you are feeling better soon!