Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Very Thankful Me

Last night's sermon was so good for me. (We go to the Saturday night service)

Our pastor talked to us about the importance of thanksgiving. Not in a cheezy-it's Thanksgiving week, so I better preach on Thanksgiving kind of way- but a sincere message of how God expects gratitude and how we can always find reasons to thank Him. In everything. Maybe not for everything, but definately in everything. I remember hearing a sermon on the radio a long time ago about how even if He never, ever does another thing for us, the fact that God saved us from Hell and gave us the hope of Heaven, is enough to praise Him for all of eternity.

Pastor Bob gave some great examples of areas of his own life where he was able to thank God in times when it didn't seem like life was going very well at all. I left inspired to be more thankful.

This morning, Prince Charming woke up at 6:00, a lot earlier than I hoped he would, so I brought him to bed with me and cuddled with him until he fell back to sleep. It was a great opportunity to start thanking God.

As I watched my baby sleep, I started listing things I am thankful about. Here's a few random ones:

- The dimple in my oldest daughter's cheek that shows up whenever she is sincerely laughing. Her eyes sparkle and the little dimple appears. It is a joyful thing to see. At those times I know she is REALLY happy, and it does my mommy heart good.

- Or how my youngest daughter was born with the gift of giving amazing hugs. When she wraps herself around me and squeezes, I feel so loved.

There were some more serious things to thank him for, also:

- We've been celebrating a promotion my husband got at work. We've been wanting to see this promotion happen for a long time and it was so wonderful to get the phone call this week. After years of praying for it, I forgot to really, truly thank God for that provision. Especially in this down economy, when so many families are suffering, we got a promotion. I needed to stop and gratefully say, "Thank you, Lord!"

- I also thanked him for the good that has come from the losses of my babies. I know that might sound morbid, but so much good has resulted from it. I wasn't thanking him for the miscarriages, just the way He turned something horrible into good and then blessed us with this beautiful little boy.

- I thanked him for preventing us from adopting the wrong two little boys. I thanked him for the plans he has for JJ and Benedict and thanked him for the privilege of getting to pray for them. I thanked Him for what He has planned for our family with or without adoption and told Him I trust Him either way.

There was much more. It was a sweet time of looking at my life and realizing there were more blessings there than I could even count. Remember this old chorus at church? It is the song I'm singing today:

God, you've been so good to me
You've always been so good to me
God you're so good!

Love a very thankful


Shiloh said...

I was just doing the same thing the other night when I was putting Hannah to bed. I had her beside me in bed and had her cuddled up close to me and I had this blanket of thankfulness come over me. I just wanted to thank the Lord for Hannah! Really thank Him.
At times I can get so focused on the things I don't have and not see, or be thankful for, the blessings right in front of me.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post Becky. I too want to be intentional about setting aside some time this week to truly give thanks to our Lord for the many good things He has done for me. It is all to easy to spend time on the crafts and food, getting ready for traveling or company to actually forget to give thanks... the whole reason for the holiday to begin with!