Monday, November 10, 2008

A Proud Moment for Mama

I just want everyone to know that my little girl went to school today wearing her new winter boots. I actually bought them before the first snow, and they were the most girly-girl pink winter boots you could ever imagine. If you remember reading this post, you'll know it was a very proud moment indeed to see her walking down the street this morning for the school bus.

Oh Baby Girl, the pain you'll never have to endure!

Happy Monday All! : )


Katy said...

LOL!!! I thought about you when I was at Target last week and saw the snow boots.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for girlie snow boots!

I grew up near a ski resort and every winter we would go skiing and tubing and so on! One year my mom forgot or got busy and so there we were rushing off to a nearby outdoor store for some new snow boots! There were NONE in the boys or girls section! I remember the look on my mom's face of excitement... and then I heard the words, "you have big feet hon so let us go look in the men's department, I guess she never thought of the women's and nor did I! The only boots left were a size to big for me and they went up to my knees, here is the kicker... too BIG, these boots climbed up my skinny bird legs, and they were ALL rubber but had a warm insert and all black, with steel toes and size 11 was marked on the outside in a white sort of pen marker on the top of the toes!!!! My mom looked at me and said, "honey, they will keep you dry." And so off we bought them... I think I just might need a therapy appointment after sharing this! lol!!!

Again...hooray for girlie snow boots!

Anonymous said...

I just read your sad moon boot saga... so glad you were able to get your girl some girlie boots. :-) Isn't it kinda scary to find out what our kids are going to write about their childhood when they have their blogs? I am sure I've give my kiddos plenty of blogging fodder!

Anonymous said...

I love her fuzzy pink boots. She was very proud of them this morning. :)


Unknown said...

Ahem.... a little credit for the King would be nice. And you failed to mention that you picked THE MOST EXPENSIVE boots in the store. hmmmmm selective memory?

Anonymous said...

Don't get too proud! She'll find something else that you know nothing about to be traumatized over. They are beautiful! How about a picture of Karissa's boots. :) Love, Mom