Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another "Adventures of Super Mom"

All week, I've been so busy preparing for our trip to visit family for Christmas- laundry, packing, shopping, wrapping presents, etc. There were lists and lists and more lists. I felt like I would never get it all done or be ready to go by Saturday morning.

But there was one thing on my list I knew I didn't need to worry about for once. I'm never prepared for kids and snow, but this year was going to be different. As I watched the weather reports, seeing Mom and Dad's and my brother and sister-in-law's homes getting pounded with snow and subzero temperatures, I was proud of being totally ready with snow gear. This year I not only had the girls completely outfitted for snow and cold, but they were even completely color coordinated! Coats- check, gloves- check, boots- check, snowpants- check. They were all ready to be stylish little Eskimos. I mentally patted myself on the back!

That was until about 11 PM Friday night when King Charming went to pack the snow gear. Everything was there except the brand new snowsuit and mittens I had just sent him to the store earlier this week to buy for our oldest daughter. We turned the house upside down until we realized that her new gear had been left at school. There had been too much Christmas Vacation excitement at school that day to remember dumb 'ol gloves and snowpants. KC made a futile trip to the school to see if there might be a friendly janitor there to let him in. No luck. To put it nicely, King Charming was, um, how should I say it? Less than impressed?

We hit the road at 7 AM without the snow pants and mittens, figuring she'd learn a tough lesson. The first five hours of our trip went great we had fun meeting some good friends for breakfast at McDonalds and the girls watched DVDs while their baby brother slept. King Charming and I drank Dutch Brother's mochas and had fun, caffeine induced conversation. But then as we pulled into a scheduled pit stop at my cousin Katy's house, we had THIS conversation.

Me: So, did you pack the girls' coats in the back of the truck or are they under their feet?

KC: (looking at me like I have three heads) What are you talking about?

Me: Their coats, where did you put them in the truck before we left?

KC: Where did I put them? I laid them out on the couch for them to put on before we left. You don't PACK coats. It's winter time- you WEAR coats!

At this point the slow horrible realization hit me that not only was my oldest daughter headed to -6 degree weather without snowpants and without mittens, now BOTH girls were a five hour drive away from their COATS!!!! What kind of mother am I anyway??????

So much for my color coordinated, extra warm, bought well in advance snow gear. So much for being organized this year! I couldn't believe it. It was one of those moments that all you can do is laugh at yourself.

There is a happy ending to all of this. We stopped at my cousin's house and she and her awesome friend, Andrea, rescued me by finding coats and snowpants their kids had outgrown. When my kids asked us when we were leaving Katy's house, I told them, "After we are done being a charity case." Thank you, thank you, thank you Katy and Andrea. You saved me!

Murphy MUST have been thinking of me when he wrote his law. : )

My girls have all the snow gear they could possibly need now. Too bad it's too cold to go outside. : )


Katy said...

It's Mommy brain. Anyone that is a Mom can relate! I'm glad that I was able to help. I hope they can use them a little before you head home! It was so great to see you have a great time with your family and I'll see ya in a week!

Emma said...

I have to ask, because of a story a while back, were your girls satisfied with their snow boots? lol. I keep thinking about your moon boot story from when you were a kid. I'm glad you got to stop and see Katy. I wish I lived where you could stop so I could see ya every once in a while on your way through!! Have a Merry Christmas, and tell everybody I said hi, love them, and Merry Christmas too!

The Jernigan Family said...

Darn that Murphy and his stupid laws. I agree with Katy and the Mommy brain farts. But at least good memories. I swear I have so much to get ready and it is unbelieveable how much stuff kids need, and then I always waiting on Jeramy and he forgets stuff. Mommy's brains are constantly on overdrive as we multi-task we are bound to forget something sometime. Katy is so awesome, I call her Dr Katy because I always call her with all my baby questions because she is super mom. Have a Merry Christmas and please give everyone big hugs from us and post lots and lots of pictures! Drive safely...Love you guys. PS at least the girls can be thankful that there is no vomit in their boots, wherever they are.

Hilty Sprouts said...

Just so KC knows, we "packed" our coats instead of wearing them in the car. You aren't the only one with that idea! ;0) It's standard procedure!
I'm glad it all worked out!


Heart4Adoption said...

Too funny!!

Daiquiri said...

Oh NO!! Girl, you have more winter gear issues than anyone I know!! Good grief :)

Glad to hear that you guys are having a nice time. We got in last night around 11 PM (supposed to be 2). It was a long day, but at least we made it...more than I can say for LOTS of travelers stranded at the Chicago OHell airport.

Have a wonderful holiday, my dear friend. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks :)

Love you,

Daiquiri said...

I forgot to tell you - got my site up and running...check it out!


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