Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not One But TWO Teeth in One Day

My youngest princess came home from school on Thursday with a tooth necklace proudly hanging around her neck. She wanted to lose her first tooth at school so badly because you get to have a cool necklace to bring it home.

Then she showed me that the tooth next to it was loose, too. I wiggled it and said, "Holy Cow. That's really loose. You might be the only kid I know to loose two teeth in one day."

Well that was all it took for this determined little girl. When she gets an idea in her pretty little head there is NO stopping her. She was going to lose that next tooth if it killed her.

She wiggled it all afternoon while she waited for Sissy to get home on the school bus. Then they locked themselves in the bathroom until they came out proudly displaying the second tooth! I tried to ignore the bathroom full of bloody tissue paper. I don't want to know what lengths they went to get it out. I'm thankful for the closed door. Blood and me don't mix very well.

Here's video of the girls telling you all about it:

Have you ever heard of someone losing two teeth in one day? She's pretty proud of her accomplishment. She keeps walking around giggling about it and sticking her tongue through the new hole, saying, "I'm the only kid in the whole wide world who lost two teeth in one day. Well, at least I'm the only kid in our family!" : )


Katy said...

How cute is that! Gracie's two top teeth are loose, and I keep telling he if she gets them out she can sing "All I want for Christmas is my two fron teeth". Cole saw your little video and said "Mommy can they come over?" I said no they live to far away and he said "how bout tomorrow!" Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Tell Amy that I don't know of another person who ever lost two teeth in one day. She certainly is special. Grandma
PS did they find my letters in Karissa's mailbox after I left?

Anonymous said...

You def gotta play her the song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." When I was little my grandma would play this song and I HATED it, complaining that I didn't want teeth for Christmas, I wanted presents. (no, I wasn't a selfish child, at all) :-)

Very cute...

Hilty Sprouts said...

WOW! I never heard of anyone losing 2 teeth in one day. Noelle doesn't have any loose teeth yet and I think it's starting to bug her!

The Jernigan Family said...

Very cool...hope she didn't tap out the toothfairy. Sage finally got her first tooth at 11.5 months, I was starting to get worried. Tell Amy that she is very special in deed, and Karissa for helping hear achieve her goal. Love you guys