Monday, December 29, 2008

Hmmm...I'm Beginning to Worry About Me

I think Denny Crane isn't the only one with "Mad Cow Disease."

Just two posts ago I was telling you about my snow gear drama. I wish I could say that was the end of my forgetfulness. But...

Christmas Eve I showed up at my aunt and uncle's house without a diaper bag.

The day after Christmas, I forgot a much needed pacifier for Prince Charming when we went to my nephew's birthday party.

And now...

The icing on the cake. We are finally home. We just walked in the door after a very, very long drive. Everyone was so exhausted. I couldn't wait to get the girls' jammies on and tuck them in to bed.

Too bad their suitcases and pillows are still sitting on top of their beds at Grandma's house-

A mere 10 hour drive away.

I'm batting 1,000 don't you think? : )

The Very Forgetful Mama,


Katy said...

Oh Beck! I think it's the lack of sleep! Sleep Ben Ben Sleep! :) I'm so glad that you guys got to stop over night! It was great to see you! Love ya!

Mrs. MK said...

It's so frusterating to forget things!!

Good job keeping your sense of humor, at least!!

The Jernigan Family said...

maybe you are thought that after I had the baby the forgetfullness would go away, but apparently it gets worse, probably because of the lack of sleep and the holidays are so exciting it is distracting, glad to know you had fun and made it home safe..can't wait to see ya

Anonymous said...

It's hard to remember things when you are trying to keep track of 5 people's belongings! We just returned from my parents house to discover I left one of my daughter's shoes and my new Christmas gift behind... she'll be hitting the post office tomorrow... mailing two suitcases will be a bit tougher though! Guess Grandma has to come for a visit soon, huh??

Anonymous said...

Since I had Zack 5 months ago, I have been called "Mommy-mush-brain" more than once!

I was at the doctor and forgot the diaper bag AND his birthday! UGH!

I won't even tell you it will get better, because I really don't think so haha!

Happy New Year!

Kinslee said...

It happens to the best of us!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, they are all at UPS and ready to go. The only bummer is that although we got it there on Wed. They won't even go out until Monday. It's all the holidays! I pray that you are getting sleep. Love, Mom